Some young people are ready to be reborn to Northern Europe

In today’s society, there are seemingly many conflicts that cannot be reconciled.

Let’s say work vs. life, bosses vs. employees, housing prices vs. salary increases, entrepreneurship vs. part-time jobs.

But recently, there is a peculiar trend of thought, held high by the decadent young people, who are nervously discussing online, figuring out how to go back to Northern Europe again.

At this point three big question marks popped up in my mind.

What is reopening?

Why should I go to Scandinavia?

How good is Scandinavia?

With these three questions, I quickly rushed into the sea of social networks, trying to find answers.

In the eyes of these practitioners who wanted to “colonize” Scandinavia, one word kept coming out of their mouths – “reopen”.

“Reopening” means that in this life, if you kill yourself, drink the soup of Mumba and cross the bridge, you will be reincarnated in Northern Europe.

If you want to find the domestic Nordic escape group, just open any Nordic travel video, slide the mouse to the comments section, you will see this group of people expressing their envy of the Nordic.

Click on the comment section, you will be surprised by the novelty that some people threaten to go to Scandinavia in their turn because they are overly addicted to Scandinavia.

In their opinion, if you want to go to Scandinavia, you may only need to do good deeds to go to the hometown of Thor, the god of thunder.

For people who are socially averse, this is a wonderland on earth. And they mostly read the posts from the editorial body articles of various marketing numbers that there are no complicated human relationships in Northern Europe.

For example, in Northern Europe, there are no complicated relationships between people, and everyone has a space of their own.

There is also a large part of people, who have no education or a skill, thinking that as long as they arrive in Northern Europe, even if they do not work, they can go to receive the equivalent of tens of thousands of yuan of low income every month.

Because in the video, it is said that the Nordic countries provide generous unemployment benefits to their people and take care of every one of them.

There is also a small group of people who simply appreciate the Nordic scenery, so they are also looking for a unique way to get to the Nordic countries.

In general, they believe that there is no pressure from life, family and work in Northern Europe, and that they can live very easily with WIFI and low insurance.

Nowadays, there are always many works about reopening in the network creation literature circle, such as “Rebirth of I am a special soldier”, “back to Ming Dynasty as a king” and other cool novels.

-Rebirth of the reincarnation to Northern Europe to become a Slime

And in these ruthless people who want to reopen to Scandinavia, they take Scandinavia as the destination of their lives.

Some people have even come out with the cool article “Rebirth to Northern Europe”.

There really is this online article

Curious, I decided to find out the truth about Scandinavia.

In this society of constant involution, once ordinary people involution is put on the table, then it means that they have to use entertainment to death to dissipate the pressure that is unique to this era.

So I sympathize with them, because in an era of high competition, shitheads know that they have to move their shit dough to their safe havens.

And Scandinavia is their safe haven, the starting point of a cool life.

So the question is, why do they think Scandinavia is cool?

The Nordic countries located in Scandinavia

In fact, people’s attitude towards Northern Europe changed with the times. In the era of rapid development, people generally took Northern Europe as a model for political research, believing that Northern Europe was recognized as an advanced country where people lived in peace and enjoyed the high welfare policies brought by the post-war period.

-At that time, the discussion of the Nordic countries was only at the policy level.

After 2000, attitudes toward the Nordics were gradually changed for two reasons.

Firstly, the Internet has emerged. First, the Internet became available and people could easily see pictures of the Nordics on the Internet, and they began to understand that the Nordics were a civilized, progressive, high-quality place.

A stamp issued by Sweden in 2004

And those who had been to the Nordics exchanged views in Internet chats that the Nordic people enjoyed a high quality of life brought by high welfare.

Secondly, there are a lot of stories like “Qingdao sewers built by Germans” and “Japanese kids train in winter with only underwear” in magazines such as “Reader”, “Yilin” and “Storyteller”, which are widely circulated.

At the same time, more stories were written about the daily life of Scandinavians or the atmosphere of a high quality society.

The Reader (Issue 12, 2011)

However, during this time, people were just getting to know and appreciate Scandinavia, and there was no extreme trend of “reopening” to Scandinavia.

By 2016, the “Nordic wind” was blowing, and some people found that the Nordic “cold wind” and “minimalist wind” were too good to be true, so people designed their homes into “Scandinavian style.

But when the time transition to 2021, obviously our technology is more and more developed, with 5G, convenient ordering takeout, but why there are so many people aspire to Scandinavia?

Because I think, in some people’s minds, Scandinavia is not just a place, but a beautiful utopia that people imagine.

Scandinavia actually represents a part of the beautiful world that young people aspire to, a place where they don’t have to socialize, where they don’t have to work overtime, and where the Scandinavian lifestyle makes them think that they can be happy as an ordinary person.

Because some young people are already tired of the high-density competition, the endless work, the human interaction in the workplace and life, and the small price of housing.

However, if these young people turn their eyes to the top ten cities with the lowest prices in China, they will feel disdainful again.

Because these places are not Scandinavia, there is no short big teacher said the poetry and faraway places, Tieling snow is not as good as the snow in Scandinavia.

Hegang City Center

These young people are both tired of and afraid of these things, and the income of the salary can not be proportional to the growth of happiness, on the contrary, these make young people more anxious.

This age of involution, they are gradually giving up on this society and want to integrate into the insular Nordic society.

They may not even know Nordic, and after watching a few Nordic landscape videos in between work, they are completely attracted to Nordic.

In the eyes of these escapists, the Nordic seasons are like spring. But in reality, Northern Europe is a complex place, with long winters and the “depressive state of mind” that young Nordic people experience.

-According to the OECD, in 2015, the Danish government spent 5.4 percent of the North’s GDP on the population’s mental health.

According to my interviews, the real Nordic welfare is that some of the lazy people (locals, refugees) enjoy the comfortable carriage and rely on other people to push forward with difficulty.

-Lazy people are good at what they do

Friends living in Northern Europe told me that the money earned in a month, to pay a rent, prices are also expensive, that is, a normal life. Although not as comfortable as the life portrayed on the domestic network, but, the quality of life in Northern Europe is also considered more favorable.

In fact, on the Internet, a significant portion of the videos advocating Scandinavian life have been picked up by people who are immigration agents.

-The agent, almost!

Even so, in the eyes of these fanatical “Nordic fans”, Nordic is the “Nordic” in their hearts, because the Nordic complex is the last straw in their spirit.

These young people went to work and left messages of Nordic envy at the bottom of the video.

But they also have to continue to face the many pressures of the moment, work, house, car, tickets …… short-term can not be reconciled.

Subsequently, according to the algorithm, Nordic VLOG intelligent jump to the Michelin eating broadcast video, so the young people’s hands of Long Jiang pork feet rice, and fragrant.