Without the Trump topic, the three major U.S. TV networks’ news ratings plummeted

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Joins Fox News

The end of the presidential election, the lack of Trump topic, the U.S. public’s interest in watching television news also decreased, Fox News (Fox News), Cable News Network (CNN), Microsoft National Broadcasting Channel (MSNBC), the three major cable news networks in the first quarter of this year, the ratings fell sharply.

Nielsen (Nielsen) market research company recently released data show that: in the first quarter of this year, Fox News primetime viewers than the fourth quarter of last year, 32% less, CNN and MSNBC’s viewers fell 16% and 7.8%, respectively, CNN in November last year, the first week after the election ratings once scampered to the first in the country. In the first quarter, from January 6 of this year, the public impact on Congress to the high point of Biden 20 inauguration then the degree of decline is more obvious.

Although Fox News ratings fell hard, but the primetime households still have 2.58 million viewers, ranking first; MSNBC and CNN with 2.29 million and 1.99 million respectively in the second and third.

Fox News is still the most watched news station in the country, but other stations still have an advantage. For example, CNN attracts the most viewers aged 25 to 54 in primetime, while Fox News ranks second, which is the age of TV audience favored by advertisers.

For example, CNN primetime attracts the most viewers aged 25 to 54, with Fox News in second place, which is the age of the TV audience favored by advertisers. If calculated for a full 24-hour day, MSNBC has an average of 1.38 million viewers, the highest among the three networks; however, since March, this viewership record has been taken by Fox News, and during the first quarter, Fox News’ primetime ratings ahead of MSNBC and CNN have expanded.

In order to respond to the new Biden administration, the three major networks are changing the content of their programs, for example, Fox News has recruited the former Trump administration’s White House chief economic adviser Kudlow (Larry Kudlow), the last White House spokesman McEnany (Kayleigh McEnany).