U.S. California mass shooting, the identity of the suspect and the arrest process revealed

The incident took place in a 2-story building, and the murderer is suspected to have a business dispute with the victim.

Orange County, California, United States local time on March 31, 17:30 (8:30 Taiwan time on April 1) mass shooting incident. The Sun and many other foreign media reported on the 1st, the murderer is suspected to be from Fullerton, California Gonzalez (Galaxio Gonzalez). Gonzalez is 44 years old, the motive for the murder seems to be a business dispute.

According to the surveillance video, Gonzalez walked into a commercial building in Orange, brandished a handgun and then opened fire, killing four people; one of the victims was only 9 years old. Police said Gonzalez appeared to be acquainted with three of the victims, and the motive for the murder was a private business dispute.

Gonzalez then exchanged fire with the arriving police and was shot and wounded by police, and is currently in the hospital. If the prosecution eventually charges Gonzalez with a mass shooting, the most serious penalty would be the death penalty. The murderer deliberately locked the door of the office building with an iron barrel, so that the police could only barge with him from outside.

With the suspect shot to the ground, the police can enter to see. The report points out that the released video shows the police in the view of the murderer is alive when someone shouted “look at the blood everywhere”. The police then pinned the shooter to the ground, handcuffed and dragged out of the scene, the scene seized a handgun, a pair of handcuffs.

Gonzalez walked into a commercial building in Orange, brandished a handgun and then opened fire.

Gonzalez, 44, appears to have been motivated by a business dispute.

Reports indicate that the shooting took place in a 2-story office building, where about 12 companies, and the suspect opened fire on the 2nd floor.

The shooting is the third mass shooting in the United States in March, the shooting killed at least four people, two people were injured (including the suspect); the dead in addition to two women, a male, and a 9-year-old boy. Another woman with a gunshot wound is still in the hospital receiving treatment. She is the mother of the deceased 9-year-old boy, who was injured for protecting her child.