Shanghai and Beijing entered the “Xinjiangization” on the same day What happened?

Following the rise of the epidemic in Yunnan’s Ruili Xinguan (a Chinese Communist Party virus), Shanghai has claimed to be “Xinjiang-izing” its population with new population controls, and Beijing has also claimed to be tightening controls on people entering the capital. This move by the authorities has led to questions from the public that there is something else going on.

(Beijing’s upgraded control of entry into Beijing)

Shanghai’s new rules for mandatory information collection on foreigners took effect on April 1. Those who travel to the city for medical treatment, tourism, business and visiting friends and relatives must submit personal information for any stay longer than 24 hours, and violators will be fined up to 5,000 RMB.

In response, there was an outcry that the authorities were collecting personal information for this move.

In an interview with Radio Free Asia on the same day, Ms. Kim Sun, a Korean businesswoman in Shanghai, who said that Shanghai has been “Xinjiangized,” said that the rule came out of nowhere and caught people off guard: “We all received a notice yesterday that if someone visits and does not register according to his new rules, they can be fined up to 5000 yuan. Indeed quite terrible, Xinjiangization.”

The so-called “Xinjiangization” refers to the CCP’s strict control policy in Xinjiang, which has even led to the mass incarceration of locals in concentration camps.

Mr. Xu, a member of the legal profession, said, “We are surprised that this kind of control measures on people is inevitable for him. Because he is now trying to use every opportunity to perfect the control of the movement of people. In the process of the movement of people, he has to know it like the back of his hand. On the other hand, he is now a pilot in Shanghai, the future will certainly be extended to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other major cities.”

And the same April 1, according to “Beijing Daily” reported that morning, the 106th meeting of the Beijing Municipal Leading Group on Epidemic Prevention and Control, and the 57th meeting of the Capital Strictly in Beijing Management Joint Prevention and Control Coordination Mechanism, said that we should continue to strictly prevent the importation of epidemics from abroad.

The meeting stressed that “pay close attention to the trend of the epidemic in medium and high-risk areas in the country and strengthen the control of people entering Beijing” and called for strict and rapid coordination of close contacts.

Some netizens questioned, “It feels like there is a problem with the prevention and control of the epidemic in Yunnan, and all of a sudden the whole country is nervous again… However, the background of Shanghai and Beijing strengthening the control of the mobile population at the same time this time seems unusual and not necessarily based entirely on the consideration of the epidemic.” “Shanghai has made a move, and Beijing has followed suit…” “I just want to say huh, stability!”