Anomaly? Hailstorms hit many places in southern China in the sunny spring

Hailstorms hit several provinces and cities in southern China in the middle of spring. (Video screenshot)

China is in the spring season, but many provinces and cities in the south have been hit by hailstorms, some accompanied by thunderstorms and high winds, making the climate very abnormal.

In the afternoon of March 31, hailstones suddenly fell in the scenic area of Jiuhua Mountain and Wuhu City in Qingyang County, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, China, according to a comprehensive report by the mainland media. Large and small hailstones hit the ground, making a crackling sound. In just a few minutes, the ground was covered with a layer of snow-white hail eggs. It was a rare phenomenon that hailstones suddenly fell in Anhui at this time of the year when it was a warm sunny spring day, and the local people were amazed.

According to the local media Xiaoxiang Morning Post, at around 17:00 on March 30, Hecheng, Zhijiang and Mayang counties in Huaihua City, Hunan Province, were also hit by intensive hailstones. Some of the hailstones were the size of ping-pong balls and were accompanied by thunderstorms and high winds.

Videos of hailstones falling in southern China taken by netizens were then uploaded online and forwarded by Chinese netizens to overseas online social media platforms.

According to the Chinese mainland media, since the afternoon of March 30, many places in Jiangxi Province, such as Nanchang, Ganzhou and Yichun, also experienced strong convective weather such as hail, thunder and lightning, high winds and heavy rainfall, which affected farmland.

The news released by Nanchang Meteorological Bureau showed that from 20:00 on March 30 to 08:00 on March 31, Nanchang city experienced strong convective weather such as hail, thunderstorm wind and short-time heavy precipitation, with heavy to torrential rainfall in local areas. During this period, the average cumulative precipitation in the area was 15.7 mm, with the maximum precipitation reaching 48.4 mm; there were also 12 stations with thunderstorm gusts of 8 or more, including 5 stations with gusts over 9; and of the hailstones that landed that day, the largest hailstones that have been found reached 6 cm in diameter.

Some people in the network community reflected that Gaoqiao Township and Sandu Township in Tonggu County, Yichun City, both suffered hailstorms at 22:00 on the 30th, and some residents’ roofs were smashed through by hail.