The party media does not recommend testing antibodies after the vaccine Net commentary: fear of wearing the help

A Communist government banner promoting vaccination. (Internet photo)

China’s vaccination campaign against the Chinese Communist Party virus has intensified, with authorities using various tactics to coerce people into getting the vaccine they were promised would be “voluntary. At the same time, party media quoted experts as saying that it is not recommended to test for antibodies after vaccination. Because of the low quality of vaccines in China, netizens believe that the authorities are “afraid of being exposed.

The Communist Party’s push for vaccination in China has once again made the quality of domestic vaccines a hot topic. A few days ago, a netizen pulled up a March 21 report in the People’s Daily, questioning whether domestic vaccines can actually produce antibodies.

The People’s Daily report, entitled “How do you know if you have antibodies after a new vaccine? Experts: Naturally Produced, Antibody Testing Not Recommended,” quotes experts from the CDC as saying that antibodies are “naturally produced” after vaccination and that “antibody testing is not recommended for vaccinees” if not necessary.

According to the experts, clinical studies of the vaccine have shown that “more than 97 percent of vaccinations produce neutralizing antibodies,” but the methods of testing in society are different from those used in clinical trials and “do not truly reflect the protective effect of the vaccine.

As for how long the antibodies can be maintained, experts say they don’t know yet, but according to WHO requirements, the vaccine protection period must be more than six months. However, the experts did not mention whether Chinese vaccines have met WHO’s requirements.

The WHO has approved several Chinese communist virus vaccines for “emergency use,” but none of the vaccines developed in China have passed the review.

Chinese vaccines have been criticized for being ineffective. Peruvian media revealed that phase III clinical trials of two vaccines from China National Pharmaceutical Group in that country resulted in efficacy rates of 33% and 11.5%, respectively. In Chile, the epidemic has risen rather than fallen after widespread vaccination with the Chinese Kexin vaccine.

Currently, the Chinese Communist government is exerting pressure from top to bottom to disguise the forced vaccination of people with domestic vaccines. Online rumors of coercion and bullying tactics around the world vary.

Propaganda materials forcing people to take vaccines in Wancheng Town, Wanning City, Hainan Province, circulated on the Internet. (Web image)

On Twitter, many netizens said that the party media did not allow the people to take antibody tests after vaccination because they were afraid of the poor quality of domestic vaccines coming to light. Some netizens agreed: “Honestly, once tested, it will be revealed.” There are also netizens who ridiculed: “If you say you have (antibodies), you have, and if you ask again, you are provoking trouble”.

Some netizens also said: “Not only the wall country, the global vaccine is the same, it is called the so-called vaccine, or comfort vaccine. Comforters are harmless to humans and animals, but crowned with the word epidemic more or less to add something to show that the conscience is not dead, the problem is that the material added by Hu is more toxic than saline.”

European and U.S. countries have also drastically compressed their development processes and introduced a variety of vaccines for the Chinese Communist virus, causing a large number of serious side effects and deaths in various countries, while the global epidemic continues to spread. Officials have attributed the spread of the epidemic to “insufficient vaccination rates,” but many experts say that so-called “herd immunity” is simply not possible.

In addition, for the reason that the party media does not recommend testing antibodies, there are also netizens who think: “Wrong, afraid that you check yourself infected with Wuhan pneumonia, Wuhan pneumonia can not die, and then come to the poison needle will certainly die.”

The detection of antibodies to the Chinese Communist Party virus in the body is generally a characteristic of being infected with the disease or having been infected with the disease. The CCP has been accused of making a major effort to conceal infection figures in China, forcing the use of poorly accurate domestic nucleic acid testing reagents as the standard for confirming the diagnosis. The authorities have been deliberately suppressing efficient and accurate antibody testing.