Jiangsu concealment of “baozi” and many other incidents internal documents exposed

In order to maintain so-called “stability”, the Chinese Communist Party has adopted various means to strictly control negative comments on the Internet. The picture shows a diagram.

In order to maintain so-called “stability,” the Chinese Communist Party has taken various measures to tightly control negative comments on the Internet. Recently, a number of internal documents were obtained from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, which leaked a number of unreported incidents that occurred in the area. One of them was a netizen who was harassed by public security for mentioning “baozi”.

Exclusive: Internal documents leak many netizens harassed by public security for their comments

Recently, the December 2018 Public Opinion Summary of the Wuzhong Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, was obtained. The document leaked that a mainland netizen stepped on the red line of political speech and was harassed by the public security department after mentioning “baozi”.

According to the document, netizen “Keychain XX Key 1” spoke on Sina Weibo at 14:21 on December 7, 2018, saying, “Does baozi count as a standard ambition?”

The document reveals that the command center of Wuzhong Branch, together with other departments such as network supervision, quickly found all the personal information of the poster, and then the police of Guoxiang Police Station immediately contacted the poster, Cao Xhua, who said that he was just whining at that time and did not have any dissatisfaction with the Communist Party leaders, the Communist Party and the government, and said that he would no longer make “inappropriate comments” online in the future “. The document says the microblog did not appear to be retweeted or commented on and has been deleted.

Xi Jinping visited a Beijing Qingfeng baozi store in December 2013 to dine on “buns” for show. The word “baozi” has since become a sensitive word on the mainland internet, as netizens on the mainland have used the term “Xi baozi” as a proxy for Xi.

In the Wuzhong Public Security Bureau’s “Wuzhong District Network Public Opinion Analysis and Research Report Form” dated April 25, 2018, the document mentions that a netizen posted insulting remarks about the victims of the Nanjing Massacre and was punished by the authorities.

The document describes that on April 16, Sun spoke in a group of more than 400 people in Suzhou, saying that “I want to be the first traitor” and other comments. In response, local police arrested Sun on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” and detained him for six days in parallel and wrote a letter of repentance.

Exclusive: Suzhou Public Security Concerned About Lin Zhao’s Memorial Day

In addition, the day of the mourning of Lin Zhaoge, a talented woman from Peking University (April 29), is also one of the focuses of the Suzhou Public Security Bureau.

According to the internal document mentioned above, in recent years, democrats in China have planned to gather in Suzhou every year on that day to hold a “public memorial service”. Therefore, the Wuzhong Public Security Bureau and the National Security Department have developed a plan to deal with the event.

In addition, the Wuzhong Branch’s “Public Opinion Risk Report Form” of April 2020 also mentioned Lin Zhaoge’s memorial day. The authorities classified the type of risk as “political security”. The document reveals that Suzhou City coordinates city management, public security and related departments to “stabilize and control” the site.

In the “public opinion risk point content,” the document said that domestic political key people, pro-democracy activists and other interest seekers through the “4.29” commemorative activities on site and online, “to create political influence, hype (Epoch Times).

Lin Zhaoge, formerly known as Peng Lingzhao, is a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. He was sentenced to summary execution on April 29, 1968, at the age of 35, for his opposition to the Chinese Communist Party.

Exclusive: Documents Leak Chinese Communist Party Distorts or Hides Truth in Many Incidents

The Epoch Times obtained the August 2019 Summary of Public Opinion from the Wuzhong Branch Office. The document leaks the various tactics used by the CCP to suppress negative public opinion, including the distortion and concealment of the truth about multiple incidents.

The document leaked that at around 9:42 p.m. on August 22, 2019, a 312 bus with license plate number Su E5E995 caught fire and spontaneously combusted in Mudou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City. The driver said the car is a pure electric car, the location of the fire for the rear discharge bottle of the high-voltage power cabin parts, when the car even the driver a total of five people, no injuries.

Subsequently, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Mudu Town Government issued a notice that at 9:00 a.m. on August 22, located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Mudu Town, opposite the entrance to the Shanshui Huating District, Changjiang Road, a bus on fire.

Current affairs commentator Li Linyi said it is worth noting that the internal document refers to the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles, but the official notification of the Chinese Communist Party is missing the three key words “electric vehicles”. The Chinese Communist Party has been promoting a new energy policy for electric vehicles in recent years, so if the truth were told, the credibility of the Communist Party’s electric vehicle manufacturers would have taken a big hit, so the Communist Party chose to distort the report.

Screenshot of internal document.

The document shows that the Wuzhong Branch’s public opinion guidance department, in conjunction with the network monitor, immediately monitored public opinion. As of 17:00 that afternoon, the document reports that there were 20 related situations on Weibo, no news websites were found to be involved in the reporting, one posting was deleted from the posting bar, two from the website, and no related postings were found on WeChat public websites, etc. On Weibo, netizens posted videos of the fire and related remarks.

The above-mentioned Public Opinion Summary also divulges the process of controlling the escalation of public opinion by the authorities after some emergencies.

At around 7:39 a.m. on Aug. 8, 2019, a gas leak triggered a flash explosion in the Guangfan snack store at No. 1-179 Yangtiandi Commercial Street in Guoxiang, Wuzhong District, causing two people to be injured and a man to die after being taken to the hospital.

The document leaked, at 7:40 on August 8, Wuzhong Branch designated “three synchronization” principle, the Branch instructed the police to respond quickly to investigate the incident and do not speak to the public, all can not accept interviews, and the first time to “protect” the scene.

According to the document, the division arranged for police, the units of the network assessors to conduct online inspections, while preparing a response plan, write the police briefing, guide the caliber. At the same time, the division’s news line in conjunction with the network monitoring brigade to pay close attention to the dynamics of network comments.

The division also drew up the caliber of external release, in principle, no response to journalists’ questions. The document also summarizes the “successful experience” in controlling public opinion: communicating with journalists cautiously and not revealing more information about the case; no oversight in the communication with the “provocative” journalists; “official microblogging positive guidance propaganda “.

Exclusive: Multiple incidents that disappeared from media coverage

In addition, the Epoch Times obtained several internal documents from Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yuexi Street, revealing that a number of incidents such as strikes and petitions occurred in the area, and the authorities would formulate public opinion reports to report, but none of these incidents appeared in the media reports.

In the Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone’s June 24, 2019, “Wuzhong District Network Public Opinion Analysis and Research Report Form,” it is mentioned that Suzhou Marconi Garment Co. with more than four hundred people is facing demolition and relocation. On June 17, the employees of the factory went on strike in protest.

The incident was qualified by the authorities as a “regional group conspiracy and petition for the protection of rights”, and the street social security center monitored the development of the incident.

Another incident was that the preparatory group for the change of the property owners’ committee in the Lakeshore Family neighborhood of Guoxiang Street in Wuzhong District posted a notice about the extension of the owners’ meeting without the community’s stamp of approval. Due to irregularities, some owners were dissatisfied and petitioned several times to defend their rights. The authorities let the “letter and visit office continue to maintain stability”.

Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone has also seen a number of group petitions.

The Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone’s December 25, 2018 “Wuzhong District Network Opinion Analysis and Research Report Form” mentions that some Rose Jiujiu residents protested with about seventy people pulling banners at the entrance of the district to demand an explanation from the property company regarding a series of issues such as the re-shuffling of parking spaces and the property reminder for property fees.

Then, Wuzhong District South Police Station interviewed several leading property owners and warned them.

Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone’s January 24, 2019 “Wuzhong District Network Public Opinion Analysis and Research Report Form” leaked that on January 8 and 21, about one hundred workers from the site of Taihe Jinzhufu in Guoxiang Street and Jiulongcang District demanded wages to defend their rights.

Wuzhong Branch August Public Opinion Summary

  1. No police-related public opinion was found in the Xizi Hutong community of the network responsibility field this month, and continuous attention will be paid to the community opinion. 2. 369 police-related public opinions were reported on Sina Weibo this month, 15 of which involved Wuzhong Public Security.

June 2019 Wuzhong District Network Public Opinion Analysis and Research Report Form (Yuexi Street)

This month Cai Hongyeh contacted the street letter and visit office, party administration office and propaganda again, asking for publicity on his father’s deeds. Since her father had no typical deeds during his lifetime, he did not meet the requirements of “Wuzhong Good People” and “Moral Models” selection and propaganda, so the street could not agree to it.

Wuzhong District Network Public Opinion Analysis and Research Report Form_Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone_December 2018

Some residents of Rose Jiujiu gathered at the entrance of the district about 70 people to ask for an explanation from the property company by pulling a banner on a series of issues such as the re-rolling of parking spaces and property reminder for property fees.

Wuzhong District Network Public Opinion Analysis and Research Report Form

Suzhou Marconi Garment Co., Ltd. is currently facing demolition, and on June 17, the social security center of the street received a reflection from the person in charge of labor and management of the enterprise that the employees of the enterprise did not obey the work arrangement and were unwilling to produce. The employees mainly disagreed with the current rumors about the demolition and relocation payout, and they thought that the unit might run away with the demolition money.