CCP Caught in the Act Again Highly Educated Bosses Turned into Xinjiang Re-education Camp Participants

On the left is Taheirijian, a successful Fudan University graduate, and on the right is Taheirijian, a graduate of the education and training center’s Li Wenbo reports that on March 29, 2012, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region government jointly held a press conference on Xinjiang-related issues, arranging for several Uyghurs to speak at the press conference as graduates of the Xinjiang Training Center, denying outside allegations of human rights abuses at the Xinjiang re-education camp. One of the speakers at the press conference was revealed by public opinion to be inconsistent with the propaganda of the CCP’s official media in two places.

The man, who claimed to have graduated from the Xinjiang Hetian Education and Training Center, Taheirijiang Tohti, said at the press conference on March 29, “I am a graduate of the education and training center, which is a school where we attend six classes a day from Monday to Friday to learn the common state language and script, legal knowledge, vocational skills, and the removal of religious extremist ideology. “

Dilishati, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress on Thursday (April 1), broke the news to Radio Free Asia that this Taheirijiang also appeared in a promotional video released by the Communist Party’s official media last July on his return to his hometown, when he claimed to have graduated from Fudan University.

The video sent out by Radio Free Asia shows that in the propaganda video released by Xinhua, the official media of the Communist Party, Taheirizhijiang said, “I graduated from Fudan University 15 years ago. After graduation I returned to Hotan and started a property company in partnership with a friend.” There is no mention at all of the experience at Taheirijian’s Xinjiang Education and Training Center.

Dilishati questioned why a highly educated and successful person who graduated from Fudan University would need to learn the common state language and vocational skills at an education and training center. “He said sarcastically, “It’s hard to believe that after graduating from Fudan University in Shanghai with classes in Uyghur, he graduated without even knowing Chinese and was put in an education and training center to learn Chinese? It can only be understood in this way.”

Tahey Rijiang also mentioned at the March 29 press conference, “After I finished school, I opened a property company and a restaurant, and applied the knowledge I learned in the education and training center about laws and regulations, business management and other knowledge to the daily management of my restaurant and property.” In the CCP’s official media propaganda film, didn’t Tahey Rijiang say that he started a property company in partnership with a friend after graduating from Fudan University 15 years ago?

Public opinion ridiculed that the Chinese Communist Party had “falsified” its play in front of the international media.

According to Dilishati, this Taheilijiang is an improvised actor put together by the Chinese Communist Party, “which reveals that the journalist arranged by the Chinese Communist Party is a lie and a hoax. “

World Uyghur Congress, East Asia Pacific plenipotentiary Ilihamu said he believes that foreign journalists will not believe the Chinese Communist Party official arrangements of such lies press conference. At the conference, Chinese officials vowed that counter-terrorism in Xinjiang had been a great success and that Xinjiang people were living “happily”, while at the same time saying that terrorists were attacking regardless of their targets and that it was unsafe for media reporters to go to Xinjiang.