Dreamy “pink bubblegum” lake in downtown Melbourne becomes a hot spot

A lake in Australia has recently become popular on the internet because of its dreamy “pink lake”, which is known as the most dreamy Instagram background. As the lake is only about 20 minutes from the center of Melbourne, it is very easy to reach, so it attracts many people to come to take pictures. Even in the nearby residents have lived for more than 20 years said, until after the popularity he did not know that the spectacle is so close to their own, so people are very surprised.

According to the Daily Mail, the lake is located in the suburbs of Westgate Park (Westgate Park), such a spectacle is not industrial pollution, but a completely natural natural phenomenon. The lake is not always pink, only in the right salinity, sunlight, high temperatures, low rainfall, algae will produce a special chemical, the lake will be dyed a special “bubble gum pink”.

The park administration said the lake’s first “red” was in December 2012, and it has happened almost every summer since. The color is usually most vivid in the middle of the day, from 10 a.m. to about 2 p.m. every day.

Many visitors say they never imagined that such special colors could exist in nature. In fact, Hutt Lagoon in the mid-west of Australia is also famous for its pink lagoon, which is very remote, unlike Westgate Park, which can be reached at will. But the Hutt Lagoon is so large that you can see a much larger area of pink lakes, and also has the world’s largest microalgae manufacturing plant.