Tandusse “blames” Xi Jinping? Rare disclosure of WHO investigation in China blocked

On March 30, as the World health Organization (WHO) released its report on the origins of the Chinese Communist Party virus, Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus drew public attention when he made a rare “blame game” for Xi Jinping. He disclosed that the WHO mission was blocked from obtaining virus data in Wuhan, China, and publicly acknowledged for the first Time the possibility that the virus had leaked from the Wuhan laboratory.

In early 2020, the Chinese Communist government concealed the outbreak and Tandse helped the Chinese Communist Party stand up for itself, missing the opportunity to prevent and control the outbreak, which led to a major global outbreak of the virus. It took a year before the WHO mission was finally granted permission by the CCP to enter Wuhan in early February and conduct a traceability investigation of the outbreak together with CCP experts.

But the mission’s report was delayed again and again, and was not officially released until March 30. The credibility of the report has been questioned because of the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party in its preparation.

The report lists four scenarios for transmission of the CCP virus: direct transmission from animals to humans; transmission from animals to humans via intermediate hosts; transmission through cold-chain products; and leakage from a laboratory. The report characterized the leakage of the virus from the Wuhan laboratory as “highly unlikely.

But before that, former CDC director Robert Redfield said in a March 26 interview with CNN that he believed the virus had leaked out of the Wuhan lab.

The concern comes as the WHO report was released, with WHO Secretary General Tan Desai telling WHO member states in a rare move that he would reopen an investigation into whether the Wuhan virus had leaked and triggered the outbreak, and criticizing the Chinese Communist Party for not providing enough information to international experts.

“In my discussions with the team, they indicated difficulties in accessing raw data,” Tandse said, “and I hope that future collaborative studies will include more timely and comprehensive data sharing.”

He added that the WHO mission did not fully analyze the possibility of a lab leak, that all options were possible, and that “further data and research are needed to draw stronger conclusions.” This is the first time he has publicly acknowledged the possibility of a lab leak.

“We have not found the source of the virus” and may send additional investigative missions back to China to investigate again, Tandse said.

Since the outbreak, the WHO has been criticized for caving in to Beijing, and Tandezai has been condemned by public opinion for publicly standing up for the Chinese Communist Party and covering up the severity of the outbreak.

On Jan. 28 last year, Tandezai went to Beijing to meet with Xi Jinping, and was photographed by the media groveling and running up to shake Xi’s hand. During the meeting, Tan praised the Communist Party’s swift and transparent actions to combat the Epidemic, and was mocked for bowing to Beijing’s power, calling him “Secretary Tan.

However, at a time when the Communist Party’s report on the origins of the virus is being questioned, Tan has made a rare move to dump the blame on Xi Jinping, raising public concern. AFP commented that Tan’s performance was surprising!

AFP reported that it was “extremely rare” for a WHO leader to publicly criticize a probe into the traceability of a virus that was co-responsible by China.

However, some commentators believe that by suggesting a new investigation, Tandezai is actually still doing the Chinese Communist Party a favor by getting caught up in its delaying tactics, which ultimately lead to more and more time, allowing it to escape punishment amidst the controversy.

After the WHO report was released, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted that the report was a “disinformation campaign” by the Chinese Communist Party and the WHO, and said that’s why the Trump administration withdrew from the WHO.

Pompeo said that Tandezai and Xi Jinping worked together to conceal the human-to-human transmission of the Chinese Communist virus at a critical time. He argued that the Wuhan Virus Laboratory was “the most likely source of the virus,” while the WHO conspired with the Chinese Communist Party to conceal the facts.

The WHO report is a sham continuation of the CCP-WHO disinformation campaign. It’s why I recommended we leave WHO. Dr. Tedros collaborated with Xi to hide human to human transmission at a CRITICAL juncture. WIV remains the most likely source of the virus – and WHO is complicit.

  • Mike Pompeo (@mikepompeo) March 30, 2021
    Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” current Secretary of State John Blinken said the U.S. has “real concerns” about how the report was produced and how it was written, and fears that the Chinese Communist Party “helped write the report.

White House spokeswoman Sachs said at a news conference that the Chinese Communist Party was not transparent, that they did not provide the underlying data, and that “this report lacks critical data information and access. It represents a one-sided and incomplete picture of events.” The Biden administration has called for a second phase of the investigation.

The U.S. and 14 other countries issued a joint statement on the 30th expressing concern about the WHO report. It is hoped that a prompt, effective, transparent, scientific and independent international investigation into the origin of the virus will be conducted in the future.