Breaking news! Yunnan Ruili City full testing All home isolation

On Wednesday, the Communist Party’s official media Xinhua News Agency issued a news release, “From 8:00 today, Yunnan Ruili City urban full nucleic acid testing

The news said that on March 31, the Ruili City New Crown Pneumonia (CCP virus pneumonia, the same below) Epidemic prevention and control work command issued a notice on the launch of nucleic acid testing for all personnel in the Ruili City urban area.

The contents are.

A. From 8:00 p.m. on March 31, 2021, full-scale nucleic acid testing of the entire urban area for the New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic will be carried out to ensure that no one is missed. The cost of testing will be borne by the government.

Second, all residents of the urban area will be quarantined at Home for a tentative period of one week, and will not be allowed to go out without special reasons. If you need to go out under special circumstances, you must be agreed by your community before you can go out.

Third, the home quarantine period, except for supermarkets, pharmacies, farmers’ markets, other business premises are closed. All types of business establishments and industries will be notified by the city command to resume the Time.

Fourth, during the home quarantine, each household residents with a travel certificate issued by the person in charge of the grid, you can arrange for one person to go out to purchase household goods. Outgoing personnel should strictly do a good job of personal protection, reduce non-essential going out. Unit Family areas, commercial housing complexes and other residential areas with centralized management, by the community gatekeeper to do a good job of registration, body temperature testing, scanning code access.

Fifth, the transport of medical supplies and equipment, household goods, agricultural and sideline products, such as the need to enter the Ruili goods vehicles, by the entry point for inspection, temperature measurement, with the State Council trip code or Yunnan health code green code release.

Sixth, crack down on illegal smuggling across the country (border) and the organizers and tolerators. Residents should consciously fulfill their legal obligations and cooperate to support the work of the new crown pneumonia nucleic acid testing. For those who refuse to implement the decision on testing work, interfere with or obstruct the testing work, they will be held legally responsible according to law.

Seven, March 14, 2021 after 0:00 people leaving Ruili to take the initiative to report to the local community and do nucleic acid testing.

Ruili City New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Command

March 31, 2021