Cursing Wu Jing do not use Huawei a small group of pinkie was also revealed to use iPhone

Wu Jing, known as the originator of the Chinese Communist Party‘s “Wolf Warrior,” was mobbed by “patriotic netizens” after he was caught using an iPhone.

The Chinese Communist Party has incited netizens to “boycott foreign goods” in a ridiculous farce. Actor Wu Jing was called a “traitor” by a group of “patriotic netizens” for using an iPhone. Wu Jing’s fans fought back, revealing that many of the “patriotic netizens” who were attacking him were also using iPhones.

Even Wu Jing, the star of “War Wolf” and “War Wolf 2,” who is endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party, has been the target of a campaign to “boycott” international clothing brands.

Some netizens noticed that since mid-March, Wu Jing has added the line “from iphone 12 Pro Max” at the end of his posts on Weibo. Many “patriotic netizens” therefore flooded his Weibo blog to scold him: “The spokesman of War Wolf uses American goods, is it cheap? “Dogs are rare (traitors)” “Why don’t Chinese people use huawei?”

Some netizens also defended Wu Jing, and both sides set off a scolding war.

Some netizens left messages yelling at Wu Jing. (Screenshot from Weibo)

Wu Jing fans also launched a counter-attack recently, collecting the records of the posts of these “patriotic netizens”, and found that many of those who abused Wu Jing also used iPhones to post, and many others used Samsung phones, and very few actually used Huawei phones.

Many of the “patriotic netizens” who cursed Wu Jing were caught using iPhones.(Web Image)

The Chinese Communist Party authorities have been accused of orchestrating this boycott of international brands. It is difficult to tell whether the netizens who make extreme comments online are “50 cents” or “patriots” who have been incited to do so.

In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has been stirring up national sentiment to maintain the legitimacy of its rule, and “patriotism” has been turned into a “business” on the mainland. While “fifty cents” are paid for their posts, a group of “patriotic” vloggers take the opportunity to attract traffic and earn advertising fees.