Strong Calm: Xi Jinping’s Wuyi Canoeing

After the U.S.-China talks, Xi Jinping visited Fujian. Fujian is a frontline in the Taiwan Strait and Xi’s old base, so his visit to Fujian has some symbolic significance.

One of the visits to Fujian was a leisurely rafting trip with Peng Liyuan on the Jiuqu River in Wuyi Mountain, a leisurely arrangement also full of symbolic meaning. Xi Jinping and his wife are swimming in the mountains while the U.S.-China battle rumbles on, to show that he is prepared to handle changes without fear.

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When Xi Jinping faced the unprecedented internal and external difficulties after the reform and opening up, was he really unperturbed by the storm, or did he force himself to be calm? The reality is that the CCP’s internal and external problems are intertwined and no way out can be found.

The external environment of the CCP has not improved since Biden came to power, but has become more aggressive and stormy. The two foreign ministers’ meeting, Yang Jiechi performance is very difficult to see, followed by the French ambassador’s disrespectful remarks angered Europe, and recently punished multinational clothing companies, and caused greater resentment in the Western dynasties, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress resolution to undermine the electoral system in Hong Kong, will certainly attract more democratic countries backlash.

The CCP’s war-wolf diplomacy, based on the strong national power and smooth external environment in the early years, is of course the top decision of Xi Jinping, which is originally a reflection of the personality of the second generation of the Red generation and necessary for the grand strategy of foreign expansion. After a few years of tossing and turning, a kick to the iron plate, in the West encountered resistance, a belt and road repeatedly frustrated. Under normal circumstances, a rational review of the war-wolf diplomacy should be conducted and the strategy should be adjusted to cope with the new situation, but unfortunately, the entire Party adheres to the credo of “fixing on a single point”, and no one is brave enough to propose a review of the holy intention.

As the external environment worsens, the CCP’s foreign trade is bound to be hit, and foreign investment and technology exchanges are bound to decline. The setback in foreign investment and foreign trade will affect the social economy and hit employment, adding fuel to the deterioration of the internal environment. The mainland’s real estate is overheated, local governments are in huge debt, the population is aging, consumption is low, and all kinds of potential negative factors are accumulating and intensifying each other, which is already bad, if the external world is also bad, the internal and external politics will be in danger.

China’s population is 1.4 billion, each person eats one pound of grain per day, that is, 1.4 billion pounds, and each person uses 20 yuan per day, that is, 2.8 billion yuan. China’s economy is very large, but also very heavy burden, per capita income level is far behind the Western countries. Recently, more than 100 ministries and commissions of the State Council have launched plans to reduce their expenditures in the coming year, with some ministries shrinking their expenditures by nearly 50%, proving that government finances are under enormous pressure. Some local governments have run out of money and are looking to the sky for help.

The internal situation is not good, should reduce external pressure, focus on solving internal problems, there is no reason to put themselves in the internal and external front struggle. Xi Jinping has learned from old Mao, never bowing his head and running wildly towards the road of destruction.

Another highlight of Fujian’s trip is the inspection of the armed forces, emphasizing the training and preparation for war. As we all know, the armed police is not a foreign combat force, the Taiwan Strait South China Sea East China Sea once the war began, to send the air force navy and field forces, will not send the armed police. The Armed Police is originally used to deal with the Chinese, the country has any group gathering trouble, the local public security can not be suppressed, is the Armed Police to clean up. The armed police is not responsible for foreign wars, Xi Jinping went to the armed police to call for training and preparation, is not a bit of the text is not right?

Obviously, the Chinese Communist Party is pessimistic about the future of mainland society, the economic situation is not good, the unemployment problem is serious, any one of the links out of order, are involved in the whole body, will bring a large impact. For this reason, Xi Jinping asked the armed forces to train and prepare for war, only to be ready to go out at any Time to suppress civil unrest.

From this point of view, the leisurely boat rafting Wuyi, just a propaganda ploy to force calm, inspection of the armed forces is the main drama. The future is not easy, even we ordinary people know, Xi Jinping “far-sighted”, will not know?