Ahead of WHO Report, Blinken Suddenly Softens on Communist China

In an interview on March 28, Secretary of State Blinken hinted that the U.S. would not punish the Chinese Communist Party for the Epidemic. The reporter immediately followed up by asking, “For what has happened in the past and is happening now, the damage that the epidemic has done to the world. Are there no consequences? No punishment?” Some U.S. media commented that the softening of Blinken’s position on the CCP was markedly different from that of previous senior officials such as Pompeo.

The epidemic is the number one global event in 2020, and U.S.-China relations are the international focus. As the two intersect, what signals have been released by Blinken’s latest statement?

First, Blinken had said at his nomination confirmation in February that China had misled the world about the new crown. Now, however, he says he should focus only on the “future. Just on March 18, Yang Jiechi lectured Blinken and others in person, saying “you are not qualified to ……”. Ten days later, Blinken changed his tone and softened, did he communicate with the Chinese Communist Party beforehand?

Blinken’s attitude may reflect the real position of Biden‘s cabinet on China, that is, to be moderate and tolerant to the CCP on important issues, and to be “politically correct” on superficial human rights matters that do not touch the substance. In fact, many observers had expected this and were concerned about Biden’s presidency.

Second, on March 29, the Associated Press disclosed a draft of a WHO study it had obtained on the source of the outbreak, which said that transmission of the new coronavirus from bats to humans via third-party animals was the most likely scenario, and that laboratory leaks were “extremely unlikely. The researchers also suggested that further research should be done on the other three possibilities in addition to the laboratory leak claim. Obviously, these conclusions are not consistent with a large number of basic facts, but they are very much in line with the needs of the Chinese Communist Party.

“It’s clear that the Beijing government is helping to write (the report),” Blinken said on 28, “including WHO, subject to a transparent, information-sharing system on the ground where international health experts can go to the field from the beginning.” But he did not want to delve into these concerns, stressing instead that “we are still in the midst of the current plague, but if it happens again in the future, we should at least be able to ensure that the damage is reduced.”

His statement is inconsistent. How can one believe that the report is objective and accurate when the U.S. government believes that the Chinese Communist authorities, the subject of the investigation, helped write it? How can the U.S. side prevent a recurrence of the crisis without knowing the truth?

Back then, when the Chinese Communist Party concealed the Sars epidemic, Health Minister Zhang Wenkang vowed to invite everyone to Beijing, “I guarantee everyone’s safety, with or without a mask.”

At the end of 2019, the outbreak broke out, Dr. Li Wenliang and other “whistle blowers” were admonished and suppressed, and the Chinese and world public were kept in the dark and exposed to the virus.

In March 2020, after millions of people had been displaced from Wuhan to many parts of China and abroad, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry criticized the United States for being “unkind” in restricting the entry of Chinese tourists, followed by a tweet by Zhao Lijian slandering the U.S. military for bringing the virus to Wuhan.

On the other hand, the WHO cooperated with the CCP by delaying the issuance of a global health emergency; citizen journalists reporting on the outbreak in Wuhan were arrested; writers documenting the facts were verbally attacked; and Wuhan residents demanding compensation from the government were placed under house arrest and threatened. In addition, the Chinese Communist Party has made a big deal of its “achievements” in fighting the epidemic, even saying that “the United States owes China an apology and the world owes China a thank you.

These things, one by one, happened in the “past” not so long ago and are inseparable from the “future” that Blinken holds dear.

Third, on January 20 of this year, immediately after taking office, Biden withdrew the U.S. government’s notice of withdrawal from the World Health Organization last July. The following day, Biden’s chief medical adviser Fauci spoke that the United States “will also stop withdrawing its staff from the WHO and restart cooperation between U.S. government personnel and the WHO …… The United States also plans to meet its funding obligations to the WHO,” among other things.

For the return to WHO, the Biden Administration did not set any prerequisites or conditions, but was the first to provide the much-needed political endorsement and funding for the WHO and the CPC, quite a bit of past blame, no wonder Tan Desai said “today is a good day” after hearing Fauci’s statement.

It is worth noting that the so-called investigation by several WHO experts in Wuhan only started on January 28. Does this mean that the Chinese Communist Party was comfortable letting foreign experts “operate” in Wuhan only after Biden entered the White House and the United States returned to the WHO?

Fourth, to date, 550,000 Americans have died from the Chinese Communist virus. This is the fault of the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, to thoroughly investigate the source of the virus and hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for concealing the epidemic is to truly protect the interests of the American people. However, over the past year, the Democratic Party and the leftist media have continued to criticize President Trump for his failure to prevent the epidemic, while failing to face up to the responsibility of the CCP, and not even mentioning any claims.

Last June 15, the U.S. House of Representatives Investigative Panel released its Minority Interim Report on the Origins of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic Including the Role of the CCP and the WHO, and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-AZ), who led the report, said in a statement, “Months of investigation have clearly revealed that the Chinese Communist Party was responsible for New Crown (CCP) virus, particularly the cover-up during the early stages of the outbreak, played a major role in allowing what could have been a local epidemic to turn into a global pandemic.”

The report made three recommendations: replacing the head of the World Health Organization, launching an international investigation into the Chinese Communist Party’s concealment of information in the early stages of the pandemic outbreak, and reforming the International Health Regulations.

Now, with a stroke of Biden’s pen, the U.S. is re-injecting funds into the WHO, meaning that the House’s Report from last year will unfortunately be put on hold. A relieved Chinese Communist Party immediately lashed out at the U.S. and the West. Who will benefit from this “return”?

Fifth, two months after taking office, Biden has continued some of his hard-line policies toward China, including maintaining tariffs and criticizing the CCP for human rights violations. However, neither the United States nor the international community should ignore the sins committed by the CCP in the epidemic disaster and the consequences it must bear. Health and safety of Life are the most basic human rights, and the CCP’s disregard for the safety of people around the globe for the sake of regime stability underscores the danger the party poses to humanity.

Therefore, the new U.S. administration should keep in mind the heavy lessons of history and reality when talking about the future. Instead of using any political figure as fodder for ridicule, the U.S. media should exercise its duty to report the truth and uphold justice in an ethical and factual manner.