Control more than 200 women in prostitution Yunnan black boss bribed 100 officials

On the evening of March 29, it was revealed that the “black boss” of a mega gang-related organization in Yunnan controlled more than 200 women in prostitution and opened 16 underground casinos, and that he bribed more than 130 public officials.

According to a feature film broadcast by the Chinese Communist Party authorities, the 75-member triad organization, headed by Deng Liyong, has held a number of bars, KTVs, discos and other entertainment establishments in Dali City since 2011 through violence, threats, extortion and other illegal means.

Deng Liyong’s gang-related organization has opened 16 underground casinos, radiating throughout Dali City. They also controlled more than 200 women in prostitution, including underage girls. In order to make huge profits, Deng Liyong set up strict rules to discipline and control the sex service workers.

Deng Liyong’s gang-related organization made a cumulative profit of more than $30 million (RMB, same below) by organizing prostitution. In order to keep the illegal business going, Deng Liyong’s organization has corrupted a number of public officials. The list of gifts from Deng Liyong’s gang-related organization involves public officials from many departments, including public security, prosecution, cultural tourism, industry and commerce, and taxation. The public officials who have accepted money and bribes from Deng Liyong’s gang-related organizations are more than 130.

According to reports, Deng Liyong usually travel with at least four bodyguards, from the car down, to the bodyguards first down, four directions to stand, and then he got off. Fang said, “which sentence said not to his liking, a mouth on the past, he has a called ‘stone’ below, in front of us, on the neck pulled over and pulled over, those people simply do not dare to talk back, but also do not dare to return hands.”

Deng Liyong accepted bribes of a number of public officials appear on camera. One of the former political commissar Tian Bin of Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau Special Police Detachment: every New Year, Deng Liyong to send red envelopes and cigarettes and wine in this form to visit him.

Wang Ping, the former chief of the Dali Development Zone Police Station, said on camera that he had received red packets from Deng Liyong at least seven or eight times, more often than not 10,000 to 20,000 yuan at a Time.

In addition to receiving “black Gold“, Tian Bin and Wang Ping also enjoy the benefits of free consumption in Deng Liyong’s entertainment venues. They have become the “umbrella” of the black evil forces.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Deng Liyong’s group has numerous means of enrichment, and in addition to organizing prostitution, it also controls the parking lots near entertainment venues and charges high fees.

In July 2014, a netizen posted that an incident of violence and injury caused by parking fees occurred at the Golden Port parking lot in Dali City, where a number of security guards beat the person concerned and robbed him of his necklace after stabbing him with a knife. The post exploded, the murderous security guards are a number of nightclubs to see the gang, the boss behind the scenes is none other than Deng Liyong.

Mr. Zhou, the original owner of the Golden Harbor parking lot, told Land Media afterwards that Deng Liyong used threats to force him to open a joint venture parking lot. Mr. Zhou recalled negotiating with Deng Liyong on the parking lot joint venture, he said, when he spoke, Deng Moumou brought people who would pinch his hand, pat his back, take verbal and physical threats, “standing next to more than 10 people, are very strong kind, but also uniformly wearing sportswear”.

Under violent coercion, Mr. Zhou let Deng Liyong involved in his parking lot, “they came in, an hour to charge 30 yuan, 50 yuan, 60 yuan, completely according to their pleasure, if the parking guests raised objections, direct intimidation, or take violence.”

Deng Liyong had also invested nearly one million yuan to shoot two online movies, and even let his gang-related backbone act as the star of the movie.

According to the allegations, between 2011 and January 2018, Deng Liyong and others started entertainment companies to organize women to provide paid escorts and prostitution activities for a long time, and opened casinos in many places such as Huadu and Manjiang Village residential houses as their base to make illegal profits. In addition, Deng Liyong and others also opened an investment company to engage in usurious lending, lending money to invest in shares, into dry shares and other illegal means to make huge profits.

In order to maintain their illegal interests and establish their illegal authority, Deng Liyong and others, by means of violence and threats, engage in illegal debt collection, randomly beating others, provoking trouble, gathering a crowd to fight, interfering in civil disputes, forcing transactions, extortion and other illegal criminal activities, forming illegal control over the entertainment industry and the illegal industry of opening casinos in the Jingang area of Dali City.

In September 2019, the court found Deng Liyong guilty of eight counts of organizing and leading a triad organization, opening a casino, organizing prostitution, extortion and blackmail, and gathering a crowd for a fight, and sentenced him to 24 years and six months in prison for several crimes.

The number of people and charges involved in the Deng Liyong case has sparked strong social concern. Some netizens followed up with a post questioning the fact that Deng Liyong’s group had been operating in Dali for many years, and that local people had reported him on the Internet in 2014. The gang-related organizations for a long time (officially since 2011) evil crime, why local law enforcement agencies listen to it, and this exposure out of the public officials are not the highest level, “the biggest umbrella behind the black boss is the biggest triad!”