Xinjiang cotton incident Mainland netizens have very different attitudes towards IKEA and LV

Swedish fashion brand H&M refused to use Xinjiang cotton incident extended to a number of other international brands, the mainland network a huge contrast. The picture shows the exhibition site of Wuhan, the first stop of LV’s global exhibition tour “See LV” on October 30, 2020.

Swedish fashion brand H&M refuses to use Xinjiang cotton After the incident spread to other international brands, the mainland network has a huge contrast, netizens of Swedish furniture brand IKEA (IKEA) threatened “can not be left alive”; but to the “Good Cotton Development Association “(BCI) member of the French LVMH Group’s LV boutique brand is an emergency escort.

On March 24 and 25, the Chinese Communist Party official media instigated and provoked a wave of boycott of foreign goods, from H&M to Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo and many other international brands, not only a number of mainland e-commerce platforms off the shelves of H&M, many Chinese artists who endorsed these brands have also terminated their contracts.

These brands have issued a statement refusing to use Xinjiang cotton, many of them are members of the “Good Cotton Development Institute” (BCI). Other allegations of human rights violations, so stop using cotton from Xinjiang.

Swedish furniture brand IKEA also joined the boycott of Xinjiang cotton, but because there is no spokesperson, at first did not receive the attention of mainland netizens. However, recently a netizen named the brand, and then IKEA’s official microblogging site was washed by netizens. Some netizens threatened to “leave no one alive”.

“H&M is the next fate of IKEA.” “In the future, all senior dating groups are recommended to go to IKEA, only drink free water and not buy or eat.” “Please don’t let IKEA go! It’s so draggy.”

However, mainland netizens have a different attitude towards LV, a subsidiary of the LVMH group. A posting on the social networking site “Douban” pointed out that from the official website of the BCI, the LVMH group is also a member of the organization, participating in July 2017, and also specifically pointed out that the French Luxury goods seem to be the only LVMH group involved in the boycott of Xinjiang cotton.

However, at the bottom of the post, many mainland netizens message escort: “is a member, but did not issue a statement on”, “do not like Nike, H & M initiative to issue a statement on”, “this Time this scope is really too wide “.

On the official LV microblogging site “Louis Vuitton”, many netizens not only moderated their tone, but also had the intention of asking for help. “I hope not to boycott Xinjiang cotton, or really no clothes and no bags to wear.” “Have you banned Xinjiang cotton?” “Don’t send the text of cotton boycott, please.”