The “emperor of the earth” Huang Hongfa 30 years wildly converge 2 billion death penalty 109 umbrella behind backing

“The company’s main business is the development of a new product, which is a new product for the company.

The company’s reputation has spread since the late 1980s, when Huang Hongfa took advantage of his father Huang Yingxiang’s status as a public official to show off his fierceness in Changjiang. The lover introduced, Huang Hongfa not yet adult out of society, his Family has money, relying on the financial power to pull in a lot of punks, began to grab the benefits of the various gangs.

Huang Hongfa began to operate several underground casinos, loan sharks. He is very willing to spend money on his men, to do his “boys” treatment almost equal to civil servants, Huang Hongfa will also give them social security, some core members are also equipped with 500,000 yuan luxury cars. Slowly, many people have defected to Huang Hongfa, forming a situation where he is dominant.

Seeing more and more brothers day by day, Huang Hongfa sent them to arrange a dormitory, at the same Time, also extended his hand to the various money-making industries, even the collection of scrap has not been missed. The owner of a scrap yard recalls that Huang Hongfa asked for a 50-50 split with him, and if he refused to smash things. The site owner said Huang Hongfa monopoly of the local at least 20 years, he relied on the hundreds of fighters, so scared that we dare not resist.

The victim of wholesale fishery Li Huimin (a pseudonym) said that in the early years, Huang Hongfa wanted her to transfer the business in the hands of failure to bring people to her son stabbed six times, just 17-year-old Xie Xiaocheng brutally killed, the poor child lying in a hospital bed covered in blood, pulling Li Huimin’s hand, and constantly begged her to give up the freshwater fish business.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Huang Hongfa has been a local powerhouse for 30 years, causing 2 deaths, 3 serious injuries and 13 minor injuries, so why has he been able to get away with it for so long? This is all thanks to his complex umbrella network.

The task force found that from 2006 to 2010, Huang Hongfa’s underground casino, has been standing behind the Changjiang County police chief Wang Xiongjin. Huang Hongfa certainly did not treat him poorly, has 14 times stuffed him 5.22 million yuan in benefits. Wang Xiongjin also gave the money to Huang Hongfa loan sharks, constantly charging high interest rates.

In 2009, Huang Hongfa brought his men to cause trouble, resulting in the death of one person. In order to protect the “grasshopper on a rope”, Wang Xiongjin asked his subordinates to tamper with the transcript to give Huang Hongfa off the charge.

In 2010, Wang Xiongjin stepped down, the new director Mc Hongzhang continued to receive benefits from Huang Hongfa, and became another “umbrella” behind him. Huang Hongfa began to continue to public officials, and even direct money to create the “umbrella”.

In April 2011, Huang Hongfa spent 150,000 yuan, to Wang Zhongdong bought a Changjiang County Public Security Bureau deputy director, Huang Hongfa occurred in the part of the illegal, all deliberately ignored.

Hainan Province discipline inspection and supervision organs behind Huang Hongfa’s “umbrella” after a thorough investigation, enough to open a case to investigate 109 people, 26 people were transferred to the judicial organs.

On July 30, 2020, Huang Hongfa was sentenced to death. The property he had amassed during his lifetime was auctioned off by the police, and as of January 26, the cumulative total amount sold was as much as 2.457 billion yuan.