China explodes again with fake powdered milk, the unscrupulous businessman with a drink pretending to damage the intelligence of young children

Another case of fake milk powder causing physical and mental trauma to a young child has occurred in China. A Chongqing resident surnamed Huang alleges that his daughter, who consumed fake milk powder produced by Qingdao Jindayang for 20 months, suffered from severe developmental delays and is still unable to walk and talk at the age of 3.5, and has been identified as having a Grade 2 intellectual disability.

As a result of the repeated incidents of fake and tainted milk powder in China, similar cases always attract attention, and as of today’s press Time, this fake milk powder case has been on Sina Weibo’s hot search list. The people surnamed Huang have filed a lawsuit against Jindayang and its distributor for RMB 1.56 million, and the case was accepted by the court.

Sina Finance reports that Huang, who is raising his daughter alone, said his daughter, Han Han (a pseudonym), suffered from pneumonia after she was born in September 2017. When she was discharged from the hospital, the doctor instructed her to consume “deeply hydrolyzed milk powder”. The company’s products are available in a wide range of sizes and sizes.

The report pointed out that during the more than 20 months that Han Han consumed this “milk powder”, he gradually developed physical and mental retardation, which made Huang suspicious. After tracing and comparing, he found out in May 2020 that the product produced by Jindayang was not a milk powder at all, but a “solid drink”.

According to the report, Han Han, who is now 3.5 years old, is still unable to walk and talk. According to medical authorities, Han Han has been classified as a “Grade 2 intellectual disability” by the Chinese Communist Party.

The report said that Huang has filed a lawsuit against Qingdao Jindayang Dairy Co. and its distributor for 1.56 million yuan. He said on the 27th that the whole case has been accepted and filed by the court.

After the fake milk powder incident was exposed, Chinese netizens were strongly dissatisfied and unanimously demanded the court and administrative units to severely punish Jin Dayang, and said that the company was “profit-oriented and harmful to heaven”. Some netizens also believe that, in addition to Jindayang, the distributors also have problems, selling drinks that are not milk powder to Parents, suspected of deception, and should also be severely punished.