The police car casino “guard yard” Dalian corrupt officials were copied out of 2714 houses, the family of 24 people involved in the case

Xu Changyuan, the former secretary of the Jinzhou District Committee of Dalian City, China, has been embezzling for years, and the details of his case were recently disclosed on the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of China.

Chinese corrupt officials are more “big tail” than one another, and the extent of corruption is also more than one of the staggering, recently, China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection State Supervision Commission website disclosed a former secretary of the Dalian Jinzhou District Committee Xu Changyuan corruption case details, comprehensive Chinese media reports, Xu Changyuan wrongful gains up to tens of billions of yuan, was copied out of 2714 buildings, 43 pieces of land, 46 registered enterprises, 142 vehicles. The entire Family of 24 people were involved in the case, committing at least 50 crimes and sentences, and the evil forces have been in place for more than 10 years, and the local people have avoided the Xu family, even circulating a saying: “Nothing good can come from the old Xu family.”

Xu Changyuan came from a poor background, after the death of his mother dropped out of school to work to help share the household, joined the Communist Party at the age of 18, and then climbed all the way to the deputy municipal cadres in Dalian, as Xu Changyuan rose to the top, his family also followed the “chicken and dog”, four brothers opened dozens of companies, his sister is responsible for managing the accounts, and he was responsible for embezzlement, embezzlement of public funds, and He was responsible for embezzlement, misappropriation and bribery.

Relying on their political status, the Xu family has been dominating the Dalian area for more than ten years, committing 24 crimes such as fraud, loan sharking, illegal detention, crowd disruption, and intentional injury by means of violence and threats, as well as 35 illegal acts such as debt collection and forced trading, making them known as local bullies.

In addition, Xu Changyuan used his power to interfere with the judiciary and arranged for police cars to “guard” his casino for a long Time, so that the average person would never expect that the seemingly normal building with police cars parked outside is actually an illegal casino. “The police car is a good way to get a good deal.

In 2005, Dalian City began to develop Changxing Island, when Xu Changyuan, who was also the director of the Changxing Island Lingang Industrial Zone Management Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee, took the opportunity to find businessman Wang Shoukuan as a white glove, and embezzled public funds to lend to Wang Shoukuan, and even arranged for special people to assist Wang Shoukuan’s company to blatantly fake, before and after digging up more than 1 billion yuan.

Perhaps sensing that something was wrong and the situation was different, Xu Changyuan quickly went through retirement procedures in 2015 and moved on to become the director of the decision-making committee of his own Changbo Group, but in the end it was hard to escape the net of justice. In 2018, Xu Changyuan was formally investigated and a task force was set up in Liaoning Province for this purpose. In September and December 2020, the court made the first and second trial verdicts on the Xu family embezzlement case, and Xu Changyuan was sentenced to Life imprisonment.

The Xu family’s ill-gotten gains included 2,714 properties.