Another Zhai Dongsheng! 1 minute kicked out how the Chinese Communist Party “kill” foreign companies

In a one-minute video, Zang Qichao exposes the Chinese Communist Party‘s strategy of “raising and killing” foreign companies. (composite photo)

Since Zhai Dongsheng, a top Communist Party think-tank, leaked the dark secrets of the Communist Party’s infiltration of the United States, another similar figure has emerged recently. In a one-minute video, the “military advisor” of a Chinese state-owned enterprise reveals the inner workings of the CCP’s “raising and killing” strategy for foreign companies.

On March 28, Zeng Zheng, a self-publisher, tweeted a video of a speech by Zang Qichao, the “military advisor” of the Chinese Communist Party’s state-owned enterprises. In the video, Zang Qichao talked about how the CCP used the “reform and opening up” policy to obtain foreign capital, technology, management experience and other sets of tactics.

He summarized that for decades, the CCP has been targeting foreign investors with only two words: “copying”, and one of the means is “partnership, learning, and doing it alone”.

Zang Qichao said: “40 years have passed, and we have all gone it alone. The factory is ours, the equipment is ours, the technology is ours, the patent is ours, the market is ours, the brand is ours, and the foreigners are all gone.”

He concluded, “Copying all the way to the first row of the world, we are savage copying, savage copying, what intellectual property rights, what patented technology, get it done.”

After decades of forced commercial technology transfers and theft of Western technology by Hackers and spies, Zang Qichao said, “the United States found out and stopped copying.

That’s when the Chinese government ripped out the slogan “development is the hard truth” and replaced it with “innovation is the first productive force,” he said.

Zang Qichao believes that this is the reason why Yang Jiechi, a member of the Communist Party’s Politburo, and Wang Yi, the Communist Party’s foreign minister, were qualified to be tough during the U.S.-China High-Level Dialogue in March, as a result of the Communist Party’s strategy of “raising and killing” foreign companies.

According to public information, Zang Qichao is a visiting professor of MBA/EMBA classes at 60 universities, including Tsinghua and Peking University. He is also the chairman of Huashi Brothers Culture and Education Group and the chairman of Jin Sanzang Investment Management Group, whose clients include China’s four largest banks, China Life and other insurance companies, China Telecom, Vanke Group, Alibaba and many other industries and fields.

Prior to Zang Qichao, Zhai Dongsheng and Jin Canrong, both top Communist Party think-tanks, made public speeches in which they exposed the dark secrets of the Chinese Communist Party’s full-scale infiltration of the United States, as well as its “evil tactics” to dominate the world and encircle the United States globally. This has caused a huge sensation.

Zhai Dongsheng Exposes the Inside Story of the Chinese Communist Party’s Infiltration of Wall Street

Last December, Zhai Dongsheng, vice dean of the School of International Relations of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, gave a speech that was also spearheaded by Zeng Zheng. It was then retweeted by U.S. Barrister Colin Powell, Florida Senator Rubio, and then U.S. President Donald Trump. Fox News Gold anchor Tucker Carlson quoted Zeng Zheng’s video for an episode.

In the video, Zhai Dongsheng said that from 1992 to 2016, U.S.-China relations have been “bedside manner” and almost all issues were “fixed within two months. The implication is that neither side has been serious.

As for the reason, Zhai Dongsheng said, the Chinese Communist Party in the United States, “there are people on the top, the core circle of power has our old friends”, can handle Wall Street and the U.S. establishment. He continued, “To put it bluntly, over the past 30 years, we have used the U.S. power core, and Wall Street has had a very strong influence on U.S. domestic and foreign affairs since the 1970s.”

He also stressed that the Chinese Communist Party’s way of dealing with Wall Street is “if one pile of money doesn’t work, then two piles of money. But that all came to an abrupt end with Trump’s rise to power. Zhai Dongsheng turned the tables and said smugly, “But now Biden is in power!” And he hinted that “there is a deal here” and that if Biden takes office, the Chinese Communist Party will be able to use its Wall Street power to influence the U.S. government, just as it did before.

Jin Canrong’s move to “cultivate the enemies of the United States”

After Zhai Dongsheng, a video of a speech given several years ago by Jin Canrong, an anti-American crusader who netizens have dubbed the Communist Party’s “national teacher,” was also unearthed.

The video is a speech titled “Sino-US Strategic Philosophy” delivered by Jin Canrong at the South Congress International Conference Center in Guangzhou on July 23, 2016. In the video, Jin Chanrong explains in great detail how the Chinese Communist Party manipulated the U.S. election, how it deceived the U.S. on the South China Sea, and more.

Jin not only talks about several tricks to deal with the United States, but also does not hide the CCP’s ambition to dominate the world, and proposes detailed methods and analyzes the advantages.

Jin Canrong suggested that the CCP should interfere in the U.S. election and put a pro-communist candidate in power. To help the Chinese Communist Party catch up with the United Kingdom and the United States, Kim also suggested “cultivating America’s enemies” and ensuring that the United States has no fewer than “four enemies,” he said, adding that “terrorism is the greatest enemy of the United States. “If the United States has four enemies, it will completely lose its way”.

Jin also proposed to weaken the U.S. by stealing U.S. technology, expanding the Communist Party’s territory by filling islands in the South China Sea, unifying Taiwan with China, establishing global influence with leading projects, and exerting pressure to influence international organizations, in order to achieve the strategic goal of helping the Communist regime become stronger and dominate the world.

Recently, this video was translated into English by self-publisher Zeng Zheng for mass dissemination, hoping to draw the attention of the U.S. political circles.