Residents evacuate Indonesian oil refinery after explosion and fire

An oil refinery in the Indramayu region of Indonesia’s West Java province was hit by a large explosion and subsequent fire early Monday morning. At present, the cause of the explosion and casualties are still unknown, the authorities have evacuated nearby residents and launched a rescue.

From the Internet video can be seen, the explosion was powerful, the refinery rose up in flames, lighting up the entire night sky, sparks are still clearly visible from afar. Local media cited witnesses that the explosion occurred at about 00:30 a.m. that day, the windows of nearby homes were also shattered, and authorities arranged for residents to temporarily take shelter in government facilities.

Reports said that the explosion is the Balongan refinery (Balongan), which began operations in 1994, is located about 200 kilometers east of Jakarta, the main business is for Crude Oil processing.