Boulders found under the bow of the Chang Chi authorities to prepare for the unloading of cargo containers

Taiwan Evergreen Marine Corp.’s super-large cargo ship Chang Chi is still trapped after running aground in Egypt’s Suez Canal last Tuesday (23rd). The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) continues to dredge and tug boats to try to help the cargo ship get out of trouble, but local media reported that the authorities found boulders under the bow of the cargo ship, or affect the rescue progress.

SCA chief pointed out that the authorities have so far dredged away more than 27,000 cubic meters of sediment, dredging depth of 18 meters, the authorities will continue according to the wind and tide, trying to help the freighter float. But SCA chairman Rabi revealed that Egyptian President Sisi has ordered to unload the cargo containers on the cargo ship to prepare.

British media quoted experts pointed out that once the need to unload the container, the authorities may need to use the crane stretching more than 60 meters, and Time or up to several weeks. At present, there are at least 360 ships waiting to pass through the canal, Rabi said the authorities are considering giving discounts on navigation fees for stranded ships as compensation.

Another media cited sources close to the rescue operation, said the cargo ship may be expected to get out of trouble in the next 24 to 48 hours, but the authorities did not respond.

In addition, the Syrian Ministry of Oil said that the Suez Canal waterway was blocked by the grounding of the Chang Chi, causing delays in fuel shipments to Syria, and the authorities are implementing fuel “rationing” to ensure that essential services, such as hospitals, are not interrupted, pending resolution of the problem.