Cruz: Biden employees prevented me from shooting at immigration facilities

An exclusive video provided by Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, shows a woman identified as a member of Biden‘s administration staff documenting him blocking filming at a Texas immigration facility, Fox News reported.

The video aired March 28 on Fox Sunday Morning Futures. On Friday (March 26). Cruz and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) led a delegation of 18 senators on a tour of Donna, Texas, where immigrants are allegedly being held in facilities designed for a small number of people. The senators toured one of the city’s immigration detention facilities.

Cruz’s video shows a female worker at the facility blocking Cruz’s camera and saying, “Please give people dignity. Please give people dignity. …… Please treat people with respect and follow the rules.” The staff member said to Cruz while covering the camera with her own face.

Cruz said it was because Biden had sent a group of political operatives from DC “to stop us from taking pictures and also to threaten to block another congressman’s legal congressional oversight rights.” “How long is Biden going to block this before Americans see inside the Customs Border Protection facility in Downers?”

In the video, Cruz responds, “So you work for the special agent, you’re a senior adviser, you were hired two weeks ago and instructed to ask us not to take pictures here because the political leadership of the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t want the American people to know this.”

The employee said, “Please don’t do this to people.”

Cruz said, “It’s unfortunate that your policy tries to hide them. I understand that you were instructed to do that.” “I respect them, and I want to correct the current situation, and the authority you work for is responsible for these situations.”

Cruz said, “These are the things that the Biden Administration doesn’t want Americans to see, and that’s why they’re not allowing the media in. This is Customs Border Protection in Downer, Texas. This is a human and public safety crisis.”

On Friday, Republican senators released shocking images of migrants and children being brought to the border facility as they opposed the border crisis that Biden himself created. Cruz released several images of people packed like pens in a room of immigration detentions, lying almost human on top of each other.

Cruz said the video just shown was taken at the immigration detention facility in the city of Donner, which is a huge tent built temporarily and on a large scale. It was intended to hold a thousand people, and with the limitations of the Covid Epidemic, it was only supposed to have a capacity of 250. But now, there are more than 4,000 people inside. It has reached 1,500 percent capacity, “which means you see children in these cages, little boys and little girls side by side, less than six feet from each other,”

He said, “About 10 percent of the children in the facility have tested positive for Covidium Cumulatum (Covid).”