U.S. Trade Representative: the near future not to withdraw tariffs on China has not yet spoken with Liu He

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, U.S. Trade Representative Dickey said that the U.S. will not lift tariffs on Chinese goods in the near future, but may open trade talks with China.

The Wall Street Journal reports that this is the first interview with Dykes since the Senate passed her personnel case. Dyche said she knows tariffs will cost U.S. businesses and consumers, although some believe they will protect U.S. companies from competition from subsidized foreign firms.

Dyche said she has heard many people say “please withdraw these tariffs,” but she said the sudden lifting of the tariffs could hurt the economy unless they are properly communicated and businesses, traders and manufacturers are given Time to adjust.

The company also said that there are tactical considerations for not withdrawing the tariffs for the time being, “No negotiator will abandon the leverage of force, right?

Not yet talk to Liu He, “the right time” to meet

Former U.S. President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on $37 billion worth of Chinese goods each year and signed the first phase of a trade agreement with China. The agreement stipulates that the U.S. trade representative must meet with his counterpart, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, every six months to discuss implementation progress. The meeting has been overdue for two months, and Dyche said she has not yet spoken with Liu He and will meet with him “when the time is right.