Chinese sellers are required to provide proof of origin, rumors that Amazon refused to sell products containing Xinjiang cotton

The Xinjiang cotton controversy is getting more and more intense, many do not take a stand or state not to use Xinjiang cotton international brands miserable Chinese netizens abuse, the world’s largest e-commerce platform Amazon also began to review its platform sellers whether the products sold contain Xinjiang cotton, and also require Chinese businesses must provide cotton products “does not contain Xinjiang cotton” proof, such as Can not provide fear of being disposed of off the shelves.

According to Chinese media reports, a netizen recently broke the news that a Chinese seller selling cotton products through the Amazon platform revealed that Amazon has recently asked Chinese exporters must provide proof that their goods do not contain Xinjiang cotton, otherwise cotton products exported from China may be detained by U.S. Customs until the merchant can prove that their goods do not contain Xinjiang cotton.

Netizens pointed out that because Chinese sellers can not provide their own goods do not contain the proof of Xinjiang cotton, the result of their products sold on Amazon were taken off the shelves. After the news broke, Chinese netizens took to Weibo to criticize Amazon.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump issued a “border ban” back in January this year, requiring U.S. Customs and Border Protection to implement a detention policy for Xinjiang cotton products, resulting in many Chinese manufacturers were cancelled orders, according to the Washington Post, the United States has a chemical company is working with some clothing brands, hoping that through the chemical way of cotton The Washington Post reported that a U.S. chemical company is working with some clothing brands, hoping to trace the source of cotton through chemical means to further exclude goods containing Xinjiang cotton.