Longchamp blocked the Suez Canal manufacturer : This daily must-use will be a serious global shortage

Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano, a Brazilian company that is one of the largest producers of the wood pulp needed to produce toilet paper, warned that the blockage of shipping containers could lead to delays in deliveries to toilet paper producers after the Chang Chi caused a major ship jam in the Suez Canal. If the problem continues to worsen, a global shortage of toilet paper will be inevitable.

Russia Today (RT) 27 news said the company produces about one-third of the world’s hardwood pulp. Sharka told the media that the company had to postpone shipments scheduled for March until April. If trade disruptions continue, tissue producers will find themselves unable to produce toilet paper unless sufficient stocks are available.

Eventually this could lead to another shortage of toilet paper on supermarket shelves, the newspaper said. rt mentioned that last spring, people in many countries went on a toilet paper buying spree fearing an Epidemic would lead to a supply shortage.

According to USA Today, the Suez Canal congestion could also lead to a shortage of coffee, with Europe being the main area affected. The newspaper explained that coffee beans shipped from East Africa and Asia to Europe are going through the Suez Canal.

Stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt, Taiwan Evergreen Marine super-large cargo ship Chang Chi, to 26 still can not move, more than 160 ships in the canal were forced to wait in line, causing one of the most serious shipping congestion in years. Stuffed ships led to the Suez Canal two-way shipping shutdown, the daily value of about 9.6 billion U.S. dollars worth of shipping is also followed by stuck. And outside the Suez Canal, the ship jam also fanned the wings of a butterfly, affecting the supply of oil, gas and copper on the global market.

The global toilet paper shortage will be unavoidable after the long-chaired ship caused a major ship jam in the Suez Canal.