Recommend the dish of tea smoked chicken

I have always believed that it is better to eat chicken without the skin. Why I think so, the best part of the chicken, not in the legs, in the chicken skin, and to be determined according to different cooking methods. Good white chopped chicken, meat skin slippery, tender to your mouth, no extra seasoning, a dish of soy sauce and vinegar is sufficient. First brine, soak the taste of the chicken body, set aside outside the pot to cool, and then drizzle with hot oil up the crispy skin, the outside is easy to get a thin layer of crispy shell. Smoked with tea, it is a little smoky smoky breath, said crispy no, but there is a kind of glutinous non-glutinous young smooth taste, different from splashing hot oil up that layer of crispy skin taste.

Tea smoked chicken this dish, I must recommend, because it is really delicious, is the back of my chicken chopping, not skilled, a little poor appearance, but the taste is not affected at all.

Pick chicken, as long as I do a spicy heavy dishes, I will supermarket pick frozen fresh chicken, a cheap, a fresh chicken, as long as a spicy, made and frozen fresh taste is not far from the difference. So why don’t I pick the ingredients that are relatively more affordable?

However, as long as you do some taste light, require ingredients fresh I picked fresh ingredients three yellow chicken to do tea fragrant chicken, it has two benefits: a chicken meat to tender to juicy, a chicken skin wrapped in a layer of smoky aroma, meat skin wrapped in sauce, into the teeth smooth cheeks.

You just use frozen fresh chicken, the skin and bones will only be wood and dry, astringent and brown.

Fresh ingredients, the use of condiments will only be less, not more, not to cover its freshness.

Tea smoked chicken, I used onions, ginger, wine, raw (old) soy sauce and a handful of cumin, the back of the smoke, also only put a handful of raw rice, brown sugar, coarse tea, star anise a few, nothing else. I do not use the best tea leaves, use the cheapest tea leaves.

Cooking, just like being a person, a little more spontaneous, do not collapse too tight, collapse tight, you are tired, others look at you more tired. Sometimes, you do not count what sugar a few grams, a few grams of salt, a few grams of this, a few grams of that, you have seen your mother and your grandmother in the kitchen when cooking vegetables, while cooking, while using a small scale to weigh the salt, sugar, wine how many grams of the look? It is a handful, into the pot is it, but, because they have long years of experience, so generally over the hand will know the amount of sufficient.

You must be thinking, I do not know how much should be a small amount, I just give you one of the easiest way, no matter what seasoning you put, as long as you feel you can not hold, are the amount of minuscule, light can be added again, but salty, it is difficult to return to go.

A small onion, there are white and green, ginger three, two slices, cooking wine can be set aside more than two tablespoons down, remove the chicken hair stink, half a spoon of soy sauce, a trace of soy sauce, and then drag a handful of cumin down, pressure cooker cover up, five, six minutes called up, twist the small fire for about ten minutes, and so the valve down, and then open, directly then cook on about half an hour, try to let the Soup soak through half the chicken body, but also let the color of soy sauce go up smoothly.

Take it out and set it aside to cool, spread tin foil on the bottom of the pot, grab a small handful of raw rice, two spoons of brown sugar, break open a few star anise, throw it on top of the raw rice and brown sugar, set up a tool and put the cooked chicken half on it. Turn on the fire and smoke the bones for two or three minutes, then smoke the skin for the same amount of Time. Both sides are smoked in place, set aside to cool, and then chopped. I chopped chicken meat is not good, the good half of the smoked chicken, chopped some defeat, but the taste is still sufficient.