50 laws of life you can not escape

1、The law of 25 years old

Master’s degree is 25 years old, they do not have a little social experience, it is easy to waste two years, and then may think of should be married, and then will find why it seems a little late?

2、The law of three years

If your boyfriend has been with you for three years, you think you should get married, but you feel that he always has inappropriate and unsatisfactory places. Re-acquaintance, re-familiarity, re-understand how difficult a person. Some eventually got married, some fade away and scattered. Then it is difficult to say.

3, the heaviest ears of grain in front of the law

Always believe that there are better, always feel that they will not be so miserable in the hands of an ordinary man, so all the way down the road. Those who threw away the ears of grain were also picked up.

4、The law of the son is not a fish

The son is not a fish, and know the fish and so on. The son is not me, and know that I do not know the joy of fish. Single woman’s Life exactly how, if you ask her, she may say a moment to say good, a moment to say bad. As for fast or unhappy, she may only know herself.

5, the law of men’s fear

Not fear of men, who is afraid of men ah. But the fear of men entering their lives.

6, the more backup groups the more delay the law of things

If you don’t even know what you want, how can others know. To confide in or earn sympathy can, but do not take their words as a guide to love.

7, the law of contradiction

The idea of finding someone to get married and forget about it, when you think you should get married, you will think so; how can I live with such a person for the rest of my life, when you think of a specific man will be tasteless.

8, the law of half the sky

Women’s economic independence has long been no problem, but not enough for women to fully support half the sky; only in the woman can independently enjoy all the pleasures of life, women will feel that Marriage is not important.

9, Dr. law

If you do not know to embark on the road to read a doctorate, then it may be wiser to complete the love marriage before the graduation of the doctorate.

10、The first law of bewilderment

They seem to have insisted on the idea and attitude to life, there are enough unique personality, but also often labeled with a variety of labels, but inside they are still not sure what they are busy, in what life, it seems to be very specific, but can not stand up to scrutiny. What do they really want?

11, the second law of bewilderment

The older you get, the more single women don’t know what kind of life they want.

12, the law of the nest grass

The risk of eating the nest is one of the party’s career is facing a crisis, but in addition to the nest, where else to find Food?

13, the first law of cruelty

Women’s age up is called “old”; men’s age up is called “mature”.

14、The second law of cruelty

Although it is very unkind, but still have to say, women’s age and seniority growth is always negatively correlated with depreciation, while this point men almost will not be affected by any.

15, the first law of security

Security and marriage, it is intended to have the former through the latter, but it is not good because the latter leads to a lack of the former.

16, the second law of security

Single women buy a house means the possibility of marriage is lower. The original need to rely on the shoulder when you are alone, turned into a sofa belonging to their own. If you have been in their own nest constantly implying that they do not rely on men can also live comfortably, men are really not important.

17, the law of marriageable age backward shift

The growth of the number of highly educated people has pushed the marriageable age to move back.

18, the “times” and “men” can not be both law

Women may feel that “this era is our era”, but “the men of this era no longer belong to us” is also true.

19, the law of self-assertion

Married women choose to give up part of themselves in the choice of marriage, if you insist on a complete personal position, perhaps only choose to fall in love, marriage will lose its meaning.

20, the law of the cab

The first words after getting up and the last words before going to bed are speaking to the cab driver, the chances of meeting Prince Charming, Prince Charming, Prince Grey on the street corner are bound to decrease.

21, knowing that the mountain has a tiger law

Many times it is clear that the talk is a fruitless relationship, but still try, expecting this one is different. Of course, the actual result is the same.

22, after 50 law

After 80 men and women, after 50 Parents, conflicts and trouble sometimes from the latter’s traditional Family expectations.

23、The law of progress

A decade ago, “It’s Time to get married, right?” For single women is a huge pressure; now, this pressure still exists, and part of the single women and “should I get married or not?” The question.

24、The law of data failure

According to the ratio of Chinese men and women should be more men than women, why do you feel that it is difficult for women to get married? See the figures on the “proportion of men and women of marriageable age in the city” and so on give the illusion of a high degree of security, the marriageable age in theory pushed back, but society does not seem to give such sufficient recognition, at least the mother has not seen so.

25, the law of flash marriage

After the flash marriage is often followed by a flash divorce. Even if you see happy people living happily together from now on, but also to look farther, the success rate of love at first sight is not optimistic.

26, 30 years old the first law

30 years old is a section, 29-year-old women feel that if you do not get married, it’s over. 30-year-old women feel that the days are still long.

27, 30 years old the second law

30 years old before men do not want to get married, after 30 years old women are not anxious to get married, so you will always see the old man with a young wife.

28, the law of lawlessness

If there are no parents around as a love marriage police, they feel as if they can really not get married.

29, the law of party

Party men and women meet every day, but the speed of Say Hi to Say Bye is too fast, and not enough to properly talk about a marriage.

30, the law of IT priority

Women working in the IT industry are most likely to be properly married at the right time.

31, women are more adapted to the law of life

Women who enter the city are more likely than men to get rid of their background, women spend a year or two to adapt and change, men may take longer.

32, the law of the house

The network created by the geeks and nerds, diluting the possibility of love, obviously the same preferences, but happy to do their own thing.

33、Lolita’s law

Men always like younger than their own, women always like older than their own, but why can not always catch the best time?

34, the first law of matchmaking

Blind date men and women are like skilled workers, meet, dinner, chat, separate, the more times the more numb, cold but also meet the nth time the “acquaintance”. Sometimes the companion brought by the other side unexpectedly became a refreshing cool breeze.

35、The second law of dating

Matchmaking is like business, not only have friends and relatives to review the conditions, but also to compare three.

36、The law of the financial industry

In this industry, the more you have daily contact with zero, the smaller the chances of being able to marry in due time.

37、Susan&Mike’s law

Is Education a problem? Is income a problem? The combination of female white-collar + male blue-collar is not a problem, the person is not reliable is the problem. For example, “Desperate Housewives” to children’s books illustrated by Susan and plumber and killer Mike. now know the biggest obstacle is that the male blue-collar temperament and self-confidence problems.

  1. The problem of selective independence

When a woman is too independent, men are less likely to choose her as their lover. You are so independent, so capable, everything can be solved by themselves, men will naturally go to care for those women who need them more. Women should learn to be independent at the right time, so as not to deprive men of satisfaction.

39, “control” law
Uncle control, too control, homo sapiens …… control into the people basically no “people around may be marriage candidates” this concept, but also almost never considered “marriage” this lack of plot said.

40, the law of rhythm

Contact with more and more people, contact time is getting shorter and shorter, eyes are getting more and more flowery, feelings are getting shallow.

41, the law of long distance

Not living in the city where you were born and raised, there is no inspiration for the path of marriage, no aunts and uncles to help you, the line, the heart has more than enough power.

42、Drama Queen law

See more American dramas, will no longer feel that marriage is a necessity; see more Korean dramas, will no longer be used to seeing those men around.

43、There is always that one person law

Late at night, midnight dream, “N years ago I can obviously marry that person” thoughts and haunt the mind, “If …… maybe … We have long been married, children have”, emotion ah.

44、The law of living alone in extreme cases

The advantage of living alone is the freedom to endure those occasional wind and cold, sudden depression, and a good man; the disadvantage of living alone is that no one knows when they die at Home. People are gone, the matter of marriage without the main body, and can not be put on the agenda.

45, the law of contagion

In a small fixed group, dating will be contagious, home will be contagious, not married will be contagious, everything will be contagious.

46、The law of internationalization

The first half of the year in Beijing, the second half in Hong Kong, this year in China, next year in the United States, has not yet cultivated enough good feeling value to experience the test of distance, no wonder the target partner can not keep up with your pace.

47、There is always a last law

Friends are married, single women will only feel more pressure.

48、The law of two watches

Only has been a watch, can know what time it is, have two watches or more than two watches does not tell a person more accurate time, but will make the person looking at the watch lose confidence in the accurate time. Replace the watch with a partner candidate, the law applies as well.

49, the first law of difference in expectations

Although modern women are self-sufficient, but a successful husband is equally important – it can be used as a backup for life when you do not want to do something; and men expect to get married can struggle for 20 years less, the results have to stand alone.

50, the second law of difference in expectations

Old-school men believe in prosperity, new-school men believe that behind every successful man there is a great woman who is willing to work. Women will be willing to do this supporting role?