Criticism of Chinese sanctions British foreign minister: China should let the United Nations into Xinjiang investigation

The European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada have condemned the Chinese government’s persecution of Muslims and minority communities in Xinjiang and imposed sanctions on those involved, saying the evidence of human rights violations is overwhelming. China denied the allegations and hit back, announcing sanctions against nine British nationals for spreading “lies and false information. Today (26) British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab condemned China in a tweet.

Raab tweeted that while the UK and the international community came together to sanction those involved in human rights abuses, China sanctioned the commentators, and that if China wanted to refute the allegations, it should let the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights find out the truth about the abuses.

Other British figures who have been sanctioned also said they are not afraid of China, including former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith, who tweeted back, “If this causes China to vent its anger on me, then I’m willing to wear the Medal of Honor.