Biden’s first press conference Wang Dan sighs that Biden still has illusions about Communist China

U.S. President Joe Biden held his first press conference today, and when mentioning China issues in the process, he described Chinese President Xi Jinping as “not democratic in his bones, but intelligent.” In response, Chinese pro-democracy activist Wang Dan analyzed Biden’s strategy toward China as an extension of the typical Democratic Party and still harbors illusions about Xi, stressing that “Putin is the executioner, yes, but the bigger executioner is Xi Jinping.”

Wang Dan wrote on Facebook that the core of the U.S.-China relationship that Biden mentioned today was “not being silent on human rights issues” and “not seeking confrontation with China.” Wang said this is a Biden policy idea, nothing new, and not a hard-line position.

According to Wang, it is clearly a misjudgment and wishful thinking for the U.S. to position the relationship as “competitive” at a Time when the Chinese Communist Party‘s ambition is to expand globally, “If one person wants to take your place, it’s not just competition, it’s a threat.”

Wang Dan mentioned that Biden criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin as an “executioner” in an interview a few days ago, and now, although he criticized Xi for not having democracy in his bones, he called him smart, which is obviously much more polite, and reflects Biden’s illusions about the Chinese Communist Party, whether intentional or not. executioner, yes, but the bigger executioner is Xi Jinping.”