Left media dumbfounded? Colorado shooter identified: anti-Trump devout Muslim Facebook quickly deleted account

The National Archives reports that Ahmad Al Issa, the suspect in the shooting, had his Facebook profile deleted after it was revealed that he was a devout Muslim.

The Facebook profile believed to belong to Ahmad Al Issa contained posts that were pro-Islam and believed in conspiracy theories.

Police identified Ahmed Al-Issa as a suspect in the killing of 10 people in the shooting at the King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. Facebook has removed all access to Facebook profiles believed to belong to him.

Screenshots of Facebook revealed by Twitter users show that Ahmed Isa was a devout Muslim who believed in conspiracy theories.

Ahmed Isa’s profile was abruptly removed from the website, the Internet Archive (including Archive.is and Website Time Machine) and Google‘s cache almost simultaneously.

On March 16, 2019, Ahmed Isa shared a conspiracy theory that more than one gunman was involved in the horrific Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand.

Similarly, Ahmed Eissa believes he was attacked by “racist Islamophobes” who “hacked” his smartphone.” Yeah, if these racist Islamophobic guys would stop hacking my phone and let me live a normal Life, I probably could,” Ahmed Eissa wrote on June 5, 2019.

Around the same time, on June 1, 2019, Ahmed Eissa also shared a post from PBS titled “Why Refugees and Immigrants Are Good for America.”

According to a screenshot of his Facebook page before it was terminated, Ahmed Eissa also dislikes President Donald Trump.

On Sept. 18, 2018, he retweeted an article from The Washington Post that read “Trump the asshole.”

Later that same day, he retweeted another article from The Intercept and wrote, “[Trump] inherited a growing economy, unemployment is low, the economy is on the upswing, and he won because of racism.”

Netizen says: The Colorado shooter has been identified as Ahmad Al Issa. Expect the left media to be dumbfounded already and to shift the focus soon. Neither white supremacy nor stirring up racial conflict can be dragged into this tragedy, which has no use for the left anymore, except for gun control.