The “Chinese Communist Party state teacher” Jin Canrong exposed himself to deal with the United States several evil tricks

Jin Canrong, vice dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, is known to Chinese netizens as the “Chinese Communist State Counselor” for his frequent speeches on “great power strategy.” In 2016, Jin gave a speech on U.S.-China strategy, revealing the Chinese Communist Party‘s several evil tricks. This speech has recently circulated overseas and attracted public attention.

On July 23-24, 2016, Jin gave a speech on U.S.-China strategy inside the CCP, smugly describing the true mindset of the CCP’s top brass toward U.S.-China relations and its ultimate goal of “keeping the United States in check. In this speech, he revealed a series of tactics used by the Chinese Communist Party to deal with the United States, including the massive theft of U.S. high technology through cyber hacking, extensive infiltration and influence on the election of U.S. lawmakers, and the creation of more enemies for the United States to mess up the U.S. political scene and other evil tricks.

Jin Canrong Exposed the Communist Party’s Major Tactics against the United States

Zeng Zheng, an independent American media personality, recently found the above speech of Jin Canrong and made it public on a web page in a paragraph-by-paragraph comparison between Chinese and English. The following are some of the highlights of Jin’s speech.

First, in his speech, Jin claims that after solving the “survival problem” and “development problem” in the previous decades, the Xi Jinping administration now wants to solve the “dignity problem”. He said bluntly, “Our generation has achieved equal status with the United States, and the task of the next generation is to put the United States in charge as well.”

Secondly, Jin Canrong admitted that the United States is still very powerful and is a “handful” in the world, belonging to a country with “high face value, strong ability and basic support of the masses”; while China is still only a “second in command soon after promotion”. China is only a “recently promoted second-in-command”, it is very difficult to “squeeze out” the United States, but the Chinese Communist authorities are thinking of various ways to deal with the United States.

Jin Canrong has exposed several tricks of the CCP to deal with the United States: “First, create conditions for it (referring to the U.S. government) to make mistakes, and one day let the inspection team to do it; second, make it too busy, and finally make it depressed, do not want to do it; third, and the United States together, so that it can not fight you, forming you in me, I in you. “

He went on to describe how the world’s black technologies have been invented by Americans over the past 30 years, but the U.S. refuses to sell them to the Chinese. He blatantly stated, “If we don’t sell it, we are not polite, there was no network before no way, now there is a network, of course, we have to use it.”

Jin admitted that Americans now believe that it is the Chinese Communist Party that steals the most from the United States online, “stealing everything, even the personal files of civil servants,” including many key technologies of the J-20 and Dongfeng 41, all stolen from the United States.

Key points of the CCP’s long-term strategy against the United States

In this 2016 speech, Jin Canrong also introduced the CCP government’s long-term strategy for dealing with the U.S.-China relationship.

He said the Chinese Communist government’s long-term strategy is stable. The first strategy is to develop itself, “which cannot be shaken and developed to a certain extent so that the U.S. has to accept it.”

The second strategy: to keep actively expanding its strategic layout while trying not to be in direct conflict with the United States. The Beijing authorities have been promoting the Belt and Road, the BRICS Bank, the Asian Investment Bank, the Eastern Air Defense Identification Zone, and the construction of islands in the South China Sea, all of which are being carried out at a “controlled pace”.

For example, he said, for example, the action of building islands in the South China Sea, this thing is quite exciting for the United States, “but we are waiting for the United States to fight Syria, involved in Ukraine when we build islands. He said the United States did not find out until June 2015 that China had built such a large island in the South China Sea, after the Chinese side immediately reported to the United States “we do not build”, which made the Americans very happy for a few months, feeling that they still “have face”. But the real reason is that the typhoon came in July, and the method used to build the islands in the South China Sea is a “new process” that needs to be “scientifically tested” after a period of Time, so the Chinese side decided to temporarily stop building islands in the South China Sea.

The third strategy: maximize the cooperation with the United States and reduce the competition between the United States and China. He said that when the cooperation side of the U.S.-China ratio is 70%, although none of the competition issues have been resolved, the competition side of the overall U.S.-China relationship has been significantly reduced, and it will not affect the overall strategic layout of the CPC.

The fourth strategy: to “reach out to the United States” in a comprehensive manner. For example, during the Obama administration, the Chinese government and the U.S. government to negotiate the “bilateral investment agreement” (BIT), in the United States to provide some preferential treatment at the same time, and strive to allow Chinese investment in the United States to get very good conditions.

Jin Canrong said frankly, the U.S. market is more open than Japan and Europe, the market capacity is also larger, the legal system is transparent and predictable, the protection is also good, a large amount of Chinese capital can make money in the U.S. market, but also can control the U.S. market. So finalizing the BIT agreement is not only economically valuable, but also has political value.

The fifth strategy: to penetrate as much as possible the U.S. elections at all levels. He believes that the U.S. House of Representatives can be controlled. He said, “We in the Chinese government hope that eventually every U.S. Congressman’s district will have Chinese investment, and China can hold thousands or thousands of votes, then we can influence his attitude.”

Jin Canrong analysis said, 435 House members, an average of a House district has about 750,000 voters. According to the usual 30 percent turnout to calculate, 200,000 votes can decide the fate of the congressman. And generally speaking the candidates of the two parties competing for the votes will not be particularly large, in the end it is estimated that the difference is only 10,000 votes or a few thousand votes, “so you have to have a few thousand votes in your hand, you are his father”.

He gleefully said: “China gets good can buy the United States, the U.S. Congress into the second NPC Standing Committee, that will jump out of the Thucydides trap.”

Finally, Jin Canrong also threw out one of the biggest evil tricks – to make the world’s chaos develop further.

He analyzed that the U.S. has the highest degree of democracy among Western countries, and that pluralistic politics allows the people to have freedom and a voice, but also has the downside that it is very difficult to build consensus. Therefore, the CCP only needs to keep creating more enemies for the U.S., so that the U.S. can quarrel with itself internally, with one faction saying he is an enemy and one saying he is not, and eventually, before they can fight with the CCP, the Americans themselves will fight.

He exposed himself that the task of the Chinese Communist strategy is to ensure that the United States has four enemies, “terrorists are definitely one, Russia is very much like one, but it is not enough”.