Mainland Chinese man with $150 million in cash wants to buy a house in Japan at a low price, scamming you

The Japanese police arrested the Japanese man in Ibaraki on the 19th after the victim, a mainland Chinese man, called the police. The man’s name is Lin Daxiong, now 33 years old and his occupation is unknown.

It is reported that Lin Daxiong was introduced to the mother of the deceived mainland Chinese man through an acquaintance, deceiving that “by the impact of the new coronavirus, the price of an undisclosed apartment in Minato-ku has fallen from 500 million yen.” , advising her to buy it.

On the afternoon of March 1, Daio Hayashi met with the Chinese man entrusted by his mother to buy the house with cash at a hotel in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. After the meeting, Mr. Hayashi took the victim’s suitcase containing 150 million yen in cash and fled on the pretext that he had other business to discuss and that it was dangerous to take so much money.

After being arrested by the Japanese police, Mr. Lin refused to admit his crime, claiming, “I took the money, but I didn’t steal it!”

It is reported that the impact of the Epidemic and the recent decline in the exchange rate of the yen, overseas investment in fixed assets in Japan is heating up, I would like to remind you need to be alert to the risk.