I was the lover of the vice mayor of Beijing Ice and fire

Liu Zhihua, former Vice Mayor of Beijing (file photo)

After graduating from Manchester University in 2001, I joined a Hong Kong real estate company in Beijing as a PR manager.

One day in September 2002, my boss said that Liu Zhihua, the vice mayor of Beijing, was coming to our company for a visit and asked me to accompany him to receive him.

In order to prevent any mistakes in the reception process, the boss introduced Liu Zhihua to me: Liu Zhihua, born in April 1949, is originally from Panjin, Liaoning province, and in 1977, Liu Zhihua, who was a coal miner in Beijing’s Jingxi district, enrolled in the Department of Labor Economics of Beijing Economic College. In May 2001, Liu also became the director of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Administrative Committee. Liu played an extremely important role in Beijing’s real estate development, not only was he in charge of the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources, the Housing Authority, the Municipal Planning Commission and important areas such as sports and rail transit construction, and was the head of the Beijing Municipal Housing System Reform Leading Group, but also in charge of the construction of the 2008 Olympic Games, making him a hot figure in Beijing’s political and business circles and respected as the “Star Mayor”. Listening to these introductions, I could not help but see the image of a tall politician in front of me.

However, the first Time I saw Liu Zhihua, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that he was dark-looking and not handsome at all. What disgusted me even more was that he stared at me with lustful dead eyes as soon as he saw me and did not speak for half a day. Until the boss told him to get in the car, he only came back to his senses.

In the evening, the boss hosted a banquet for Liu Zhihua, specially arranged me to sit with Liu Zhihua. During the banquet, Liu Zhihua asked me questions as if no one else was there, praising me for my natural beauty, gentleness and generosity, and saying that I had an unspeakable nobility in my temperament. His praise made people present, including the boss, impressed me, and my vanity was greatly satisfied.

After the meal, the boss asked me to send Liu Zhihua to the car. Before the car started, he took my hand and said, “Miss Xi, you are the most attractive woman I have ever met, and you are welcome to ‘guide the work’ at our city hall sometime!” With that, he handed me his business card with his phone number on it. I was a little overwhelmed: “What does he mean, anyway?” That night, I lost sleep, excited and terrified at the same time by the thought of Liu Zhihua’s great goodwill and some kind of ambiguity towards me.

The next day, my boss called me into his office and said, “Miss Xi, you did a good job at the banquet yesterday.” I said, “-generally, I just did the job of accompanying the Food.” The boss said, “Vice Mayor Liu is a big person who can influence the fate of our property developers, if we can get his care, the future of our company will be infinitely better. I can see that Vice Mayor Liu has a good feeling for you, so you should seize the opportunity to contribute to the development of the company.” I did not deny it. The boss then took out an invitation, which was an invitation from the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee to a fellowship meeting of all real estate developers in Beijing, and the host was actually Liu Zhihua. The boss said, “I am very busy lately, I can’t go, so you can attend on my behalf!” He smiled ambiguously at me and told me to be careful and that if I could get Liu Zhihua to take care of the company, he would double my income.

Out of the boss’s office, I had mixed feelings in my heart. It seems that the boss is using me to please Liu Zhihua, trying to climb this big tree, he hopes that Liu Zhihua sees my young beauty. However, as an unmarried woman, but to become a business sacrifice, and I am a little reluctant. I had the heart to refuse my boss, but at this time, my brother was studying in England and needed a large amount of money for expenses, while my father’s company was suffering from a large loss due to poor management, and the Family‘s economy was in a serious crisis. If I could not find a way to turn the situation around, then our Xi family would not be able to gain a foothold in Shanghai. Thinking about this, I was looking forward to my relationship with Liu Zhihua again.

I called a good friend for advice, and she advised me, “Although you became the PR manager of the company at a young age, you are facing a lot of competitors, so it is hard to say whether it is a good or bad situation. Moreover, if you can’t bring great benefits to the company, why would others use you? Although Liu Zhihua is not your real prince charming, he can give you great glory and countless money, maybe he is the ‘lucky star’ that changes your fate. You should seize the opportunity, yo!” I was instantly enlightened.

A few days later, I put on my new brand-name clothes to attend the sorority, Liu Zhihua saw me coming, happy, eyes flashing with desire. Although a lot of beautiful women around to him to hit on, to flatter, but his eyes are always on me. I feel the opportunity to climb the power of the vice mayor, is how many people dream of ah. So, I decided to put a long line to catch a big fish.

Through several interactions and chats, I can see that Liu Zhihua is really a lustful person, but I acted in front of Liu Zhihua is arrogant by nature, not to let him easily, so as to show that I am different. I felt that he might have fallen in love with me in his heart.

I accepted Liu Zhihua’s invitations generously and decently, and showed my good feelings to him in a timely manner, but in order to prove the purity of my “love”, I never made financial demands on Liu Zhihua, and I never made use of Liu Zhihua’s political power to make profits or seek convenience in real estate investment projects. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Of course, our boss will “reimburse” me for these. When he knew that I was “truly in love with him”, Liu Zhihua excitedly embraced me in his arms, excited to find me as an understanding confidante.

On Christmas Day in 2002, Liu Zhihua and I had tea at the “Old Beijing” teahouse. I told Liu Zhihua, “My Parents are old, and my younger brother is still studying in England, although I studied abroad and joined the workforce, but I don’t earn much money. I am most guilty of not being able to make a good Life for my parents in this life.” Speaking of emotion, I also fell into tears. My words resonated with Liu Zhihua, and he came forward to put his arm around my shoulders: “I didn’t expect you to be so filial as a little girl, I will take care of you in the future.”

That night, Liu Zhihua personally drove me to a five-star hotel, we are two men and women with their own thoughts, finally sleeping together in the same bed. After lingering, Liu Zhihua took out 10,000 yuan to give me, but I refused. I said, “What do you take me for? I really like you!”

After having the first time, we began to date frequently. In order to facilitate dating, Liu Zhihua also rented a luxury apartment as a nest for us to have fun. After living with Liu Zhihua, he asked me to quit my job to serve him at Home, and when my boss asked me for help with the company, he had to visit me with a heavy gift, and when I saw that my boss, who used to be so high and mighty, actually came down to beg me, I felt very comfortable in my heart and thought I had made the right move. In order to get Liu Zhihua to do what I want, I follow the tricks in the third-grade movies, and serve him every day to the point of drifting away. My thoughtfulness and attentiveness made Liu Zhihua’s heart blossom.

Liu Zhihua said that with me, he deeply experienced the feeling that he could not get from other women: that is, the sense of accomplishment of a successful man’s wife and concubine together. Although I have repeatedly said to follow him because I love him, but Liu Zhihua is also clear, to maintain our relationship, he must be to give me a certain return.

But Liu Zhihua also has a difficult time, although your vice mayor, the power in the hands, but the monthly payroll on so many thousands of dollars, which has free money to subsidize the lover? At this time, Liu Zhihua moved my mind.

Liu Zhihua is specifically responsible for the city management, political and legal, civil affairs, industrial and commercial administration of the deputy mayor, every year in Beijing are based on hundreds of millions of projects investment construction, many businessmen in order to get a piece of the pie in this feast, do not hesitate to throw heavy money and beauty to bribe Liu Zhihua. In the officialdom, Liu Zhihua has been careful not to let others catch the handle, but sometimes refusing others more, but for themselves to attract unnecessary trouble. What to do? Liu Zhihua began to think: whether in the officialdom or the mall, women are irreplaceable key role around the man, many of your inconvenient words, inconvenient things to do, women can help you complete. He said boldly to me, “In fact, mistresses are also human resources, if you use scientific methods to manage, you can turn ‘bad assets’ into quality assets.” He said, “You stay at home every day is also very boring, why don’t you come to help me work, help me deal with these businessmen, I will help you run a leisure place, you use your knowledge, help me cope with the officialdom.” He said, handed me a bankbook with 300,000 yuan. I was flattered and promised him that I would run the leisure place well.

Soon, in the name of building a resort, Liu Zhihua built a luxurious “palace” in Huairou Kuangu, a suburb of Beijing. The “Palace” is extremely luxurious, a building with 150 rooms, combining the different styles of traditional Chinese courtyard layout and modern glass and steel structure, and the interior decoration is executed according to five-star standards, with thick carpets, Gold-trimmed sofas, and high hanging artificial jewel lamps, all showing its luxury. The “Palace” is fully enclosed, with a large number of monitors inside. And divided into many areas, very tightly. Vehicle entry must be strictly monitored. After the opening of the “Palace”, Liu Zhihua appointed me as the chief manager to make the “Palace” a place for him to welcome people.

After the opening of the “Palace”, once the unit has any public hospitality, Liu Zhihua brought guests here to spend. Subsequently, at Liu Zhihua’s behest, some organs are to the “Palace” consumption, anyway, are public money consumption, take them to please Liu vice mayor, just two birds with one stone. A time, “Palace” every day full. In this way, not only do not spend their own money, but also to please the lovers. Liu Zhihua proudly said to me that this is his original “business to feed the love” of a good way.

The paper cannot cover the fire after all. Gradually, I and Liu Zhihua’s affairs spread to his wife’s ears, Liu Zhihua in my face, often arguing with her on the phone. Some of his relatives advised Liu Zhihua to cherish his political future and never ruin himself because of a woman. Their persuasion caused Liu Zhihua to alienate me.

I couldn’t bear the thought of the tree that I had worked so hard to keep away from. I put down the business of the “Palace” and made every effort to serve Liu Zhihua every day, so that he could not think of returning. In the face of my style, Liu Zhihua changed his mind again.

One day, when I finished serving Liu Zhihua, he embraced me and said with emotion: “It’s my Destiny to meet you!” I hurriedly tried to say, “Then do you dare to divorce your wife and marry me?” Liu Zhihua’s eyebrows frowned and said, “I can’t divorce at this juncture, if I lose my job because of this, you have nothing. In fact, married or not is just the same, you see I am still not yours?” I naturally did not expect Liu Zhihua to divorce, I just used this as an excuse to tether Liu Zhihua. So, I said petulantly, “No, even if you do not divorce, you have to give me a comfortable home, have to make me worthy of you as a powerful mayor to do.” Liu Zhihua nodded and agreed, he thought, I want nothing more than money.

And at this time, I also began to seize the opportunity to implement their own plan to make money, because I found that Liu Zhihua’s lover is far more than just me, whether I can be his long-term favor, or an unknown. Through nearly a year together, I gradually learned how much power Liu Zhihua had in his hands, so I took the opportunity of a trip to Hong Kong to register a real estate company called Tianlou with a group of companies in Hong Kong, and I, as a shareholder behind the scenes, prepared to use this company as a front to circle money in Beijing.

In May 2004, Beijing was preparing for a large-scale housing renovation project in anticipation of the Olympic Games, in which a plot of land in a prime location was put up for tender. I knew the opportunity had come, so I found a way to recommend the Tianlou Real Estate Company to Liu Zhihua. During the bidding process, the Tianlou Real Estate Company simply did not have the strength to do this bid for a plot of land amounting to 200 million yuan, and the credit certificate it provided also showed signs of falsity. However, when I asked Liu Zhihua to give “care” to the company, Liu Zhihua readily agreed. Soon, under Liu Zhihua’s instruction, a government department in Beijing and Tianlou Real Estate Company signed a contract to establish a joint venture real estate development company.

Then, Liu Zhihua, in the absence of foreign funds, not only in the name of the government tasked the relevant departments to provide false capital verification reports, but also misappropriated financial budget funds as a guarantee for the Tianlou real estate company to borrow tens of millions of yuan. Afterwards, the Tianlou real estate company has given Liu Zhihua and I hundreds of thousands of yuan of valuables, these items, Liu Zhihua and all transferred to me.

A week later, this company picked a luxurious one-of-a-kind villa in Hong Kong and transferred it to my name. This villa also became the “palace” for me and Liu Zhihua to have fun in Hong Kong. To repay the company, Liu Zhihua got the right to develop a real estate property in Beijing.

In this way, under my guidance, Liu Zhihua and many unscrupulous businessmen colluded with each other, carrying out a lot of power, power and money transactions, and enjoy it. In just a few years of work, he took millions of dollars in bribes, enjoying the double happiness of sitting on money and tenderness.

After being adopted by Liu Zhihua, I had four abortions. This made Liu Zhihua extremely moved, and he has treated me as a prospective wife. The first time I saw him, I was very impressed.

In January 2005, I got pregnant again. At this time, the Beijing government is about to start the election, Liu Zhihua fancy the position of Standing Committee of the municipal party committee, executive vice mayor, he dreamed of getting this black hat. If I use my pregnancy to blackmail Liu Zhihua at this time, he will face unimaginable consequences. So, he advised me nicely, promising that if he became executive vice mayor, he would try to get a divorce and stay with me.

I know Liu Zhihua is perfunctory, but this time I just use it as an excuse to control Liu Zhihua. I said to Liu Zhihua, “Unless you put the money you got from the bribe in my hands, I will promise you to get an abortion.” Liu Zhihua was bent on becoming the executive vice mayor and responded to my requests. So, he dumped me 1 million yuan, trying to seal my mouth with this.

However, things are unpredictable. In the end, Liu Zhihua executive vice mayor’s dream fell through. At this time, the fifth miscarriage I had an infection during the surgery and was diagnosed as being sterile for life. I was so grief-stricken that all my grievances were spread on Liu Zhihua. And at this time, Liu Zhihua was also depressed because he was not elected executive vice mayor, and we had our first unhappy breakup.

As I suffered from a gynecological disease, my sex life was greatly affected. Liu Zhihua could not get pleasure from me, and over time, he could not stand the loneliness and “steal mouth” everywhere. At this time, Beijing, because to meet the Olympic Games, is a large-scale urban transformation, a large number of real estate developers flocked to the city, and their main target is Liu Zhihua. So money and beauty embraced Liu Zhihua in a big way. A fresh lover throwing his arms around, soon let Liu Zhihua left me cold. Liu Zhihua began to intentionally avoid me. When I was at my wit’s end, Liu Zhihua took back my position as the chief administrator of the “Palace” and gave it to his new favorite, Fan Aiping, to manage. I was sad and disappointed to feel that Liu Zhihua was determined to abandon me.

Since Liu Zhihua seldom came to visit me, I felt the change in Liu Zhihua’s attitude toward me. But I did not blame Liu Zhihua, as a good man, he is not able to fall in love with only one woman. At this time, I thought most about how to use his power and position to get more money for himself. This opportunity, in my hope, finally waited.

In October 2005, near the Olympic Park in Beijing, a plot of land more than 600 meters long and 100 meters wide was included in the tender project, and information from the Beijing Land Reserve Center showed that the reserve price was 991 million yuan, including the land price and the value of the buildings on the ground. This was an extremely attractive piece of “fat meat”, and many large real estate developers began to gather their forces and prepare to bid.

I was informed that this might be my last chance to use Liu Zhihua to get money, and if I could get this land tender, I would enter the ranks of billionaires, so I rushed back to Hong Kong immediately, despite my health problems, and formed a consortium with another large real estate company and Tianlou Real Estate Company to actively prepare for the tender.

At this point, I learned that Liu Zhihua had taken on more than 10 mistresses after me, and that he had placed them in a “palace” by the Great Wall to help him make money. Liu Zhihua’s series of actions, I saw his determination to me. But I had to beg him, so I had to put down my face to beg Fan Aiping, willing to submit to her after sharing Liu Zhihua. But Fan Aiping ignored me and pushed me in front of the mirror, showing me the wrinkles on my eye brows and the flab on my waist and stomach. Fan Aiping said: “Your beauty and youth are finished, what capital do you have to grab Liu Zhihua with me. And your current image is no longer suitable to be someone’s mistress.” After saying that, decisively swept me out of the house.

What makes me sad is not all, just when I painstakingly tried to capture the bid of up to 100 million yuan, and finally failed miserably to Fan Aiping. It turns out that Fan Aiping is a shareholder of a large real estate company in Beijing, she leaned on Liu Zhihua’s purpose, but also wanted to use the power in his hands to profit, this time, her calculations are very accurate, in the end, Fan Aiping on behalf of the company with 1.76 billion yuan to the project in the bag. According to authoritative sources, this piece of land is related to the Olympic Games, and after the construction is completed, you can earn 2 billion RMB! It was a “tricky takeover” and a sensation in Beijing.

I couldn’t be clearer about the dealings behind the scenes of this tender. At the same time, I was saddened by the fact that I had gone to great lengths to get close to Liu Zhihua, hoping to make a profit, but was eventually abandoned by him. When I thought of what I had given to Liu Zhihua in the past few years, I couldn’t help but feel sad and thought, “I’m not going to have a future with him anymore, it’s time to leave him.

One day in mid-April 2006, I told Liu Zhihua that my father was seriously ill and had to return to Shanghai, so I might have to leave him for a long time. Liu Zhihua did not retain me, but only gave me a bankbook of 100,000 yuan, counted as a break-up fee, and asked me to keep his affairs secret. I reminded him to be careful in the official world and not to give too much damage to his mistresses when it comes to them. Liu Zhihua was indifferent to my words, and I left with immense disappointment.

After I left Beijing, I still occasionally kept in touch with some of my close sisters in Liu Zhihua’s “palace”. They told me that a girl named Zhang Yike had been blackmailed by her boss who hired a triad to extort 500,000 yuan from Liu Zhihua because she had offered herself to him for profit. I had the intention to call Liu Zhihua to remind him, but when I thought of his desperate love for me, I dismissed the idea.

One day in May 2006, I heard that Liu Zhihua was going to Hong Kong on a business trip, and before the trip, Zhang Yike pestered me to accompany him there. In a fancy hotel in Hong Kong, Liu Zhihua and Zhang Yike made love like crazy, while at the same time, Zhang Yike got helpers to quietly record all the sex videos and conversations between Liu Zhihua and her.

Later, Zhang Yike sent this 60-minute sex tape with Liu Zhihua to the relevant authorities in Beijing. On June 10, 2006, Liu Zhihua was double-booked by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), which then opened a formal investigation against him. After Liu Zhihua’s fall, a group of real estate bosses in Beijing began to be arrested and under review, and the Beijing real estate scene, which had been noisy and lively, suddenly became dead silent.

Now, the “palace” that I had been running vigorously for Liu Zhihua’s pleasure and power dealings has been sealed, and his mistresses and associates inside have been investigated in isolation, and some may face jail time. And I because of the first step, and did not leave any obvious evidence of crime, for the time being nothing. However, thinking of Liu Zhihua’s demise and the humiliating days of being a mistress, I was immediately filled with infinite remorse. I sincerely hope that the girls of the world will not repeat my mistakes, and behave decently, and use their hard work and wisdom to build their own true happiness ……