Trump names future Republican Party leaders: DeSantis, Hawley, Cruz, Paul and others on the list

In an interview released Monday, Trump praised the Republican Party for its “depth of political talent” and named several figures who represent the future of the party.

In a podcast interview with Fox News host Lisa Boothe about the future of the Republican Party, Trump named several Republican figures, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R); Senator Josh Hawley (R), Senator Cruz, Senator Paul; former press secretary Sarah Sanders (R), who is running for Arkansas governor; and Senator Paul. (Sarah Sanders), who is running for governor of Arkansas, and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R), whom Trump considers to be the future leaders of the Republican Party.

Trump said he has not yet made a decision to run for office in 2024. Trump declared that “there’s a lot of talent in the Republican Party” and that he would determine later whether to run for president in 2024 or support someone else for president.

Trump did not include Pence in the list of future Republican leadership, and he even criticized Pence in an interview for not arguing his case during the Jan. 6 certification election. Trump said, “It’s too bad Pence didn’t turn around, because the outcome would have been very different ……” Trump added, “Pence could have just let them take the electoral votes back and told them, ‘I’m sorry, but you have to check again.'”

Pence argued at the Time that the Founding Fathers did not give him “unilateral authority” to overturn the results during the certification process, which Pence said was “largely ceremonial.

In the interview, Trump also criticized Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for failing to discipline members of his party, including Senators Murkowski, Sasse and Romney. Trump said, “These people are not good for the Republican Party.”

Trump said that Democrats are now united, however, which will make the Democratic Party a force in the upcoming election. Trump concluded by saying, “Democrats are united, they’re smart, they’re fierce. But their policies are bad.”