Shanghai government canteen food prices exposed, rumors that the person who broke the news was detained for leaking information

Recently the price of Food in the government canteen in Huangpu District, Shanghai, was exposed, sparking civil discussion. (Screenshot of video)

“Kung Pao chicken for 3 yuan a piece, wontons for 1.2 yuan a bowl ……” A video exposing the price of food in the government canteen in Huangpu District, Shanghai, has been circulating on the Internet recently, and such cheap special meals in the current situation of soaring prices in China have aroused heated discussions among the public. Some people in Shanghai revealed that the netizen who shot the video was accused of leaking state secrets and was detained.

China has a huge number of financial supporters. Some analysts say that the Chinese Communist regime relies on welfare to enlist people and make them loyal and work for the system.

Government cafeteria food prices super cheap people: and rice stickers

On March 21, a Twitter user posted a video with a text saying that it was taken at the government canteen in Huangpu District, Shanghai, during a vaccination on March 18, when the canteen forgot to turn off the display of the day’s food prices.

In the video, the canteen scrolling display can be seen, Kung Pao chicken 3 yuan/serving; spicy pork rice 3 yuan/serving; minced pork with pickled vegetables 1.5 yuan/serving; black fungus with scallion oil 1.5 yuan/serving; sliced pork with double mushrooms 2 yuan/serving; marinated egg 0.7 yuan/serving; seasonal vegetables 1 yuan/serving; noodles, wontons, small wontons 1.2 yuan/bowl; noodles 0.3 yuan/two; knife cut/painted roll 0.5 yuan/serving; vegetable bun 0.7 yuan/serving; bean paste bun 0.8 yuan/only; doughnut 0.5 yuan/root; small dumpling 3 yuan/4; fried 2 yuan/4; siu mai 0.9 yuan/only; coffee roll 2 yuan/only; skinny egg congee 1 yuan/bowl, 0.5 yuan/half bowl; soybean milk 0.5 yuan/bowl, 0.25 yuan/half bowl; delicious bean flower 1 yuan/bowl; white boiled egg, tea egg 0.7 yuan/only; and so on.

Now prices are soaring, and the ultra-low prices of the various dishes in the video have sparked a social focus.

Mr. Wang in Shanghai told the Epoch Times, “If it was that cheap outside, the people would be banging gongs and drums.”

“Such cheap dishes have already caused a stir online. A small bowl of wontons outside costs 9 yuan, it’s only 1.2 yuan a bowl, how many times that. Its noodles are 30 cents a tael; the small dumplings are 9 yuan for 6 outside, his are 3 yuan for 4, and the flour and meat used inside are a little better.” He said that outside, “Hun noodles (with meat) outside to 20 or so, lunch eating is still saving”, “(government canteens) are too cheap, they have subsidies, can not be compared.”

Mr. Wang said rather unevenly, “Now it’s okay, there is still some money. In the past, in the 80s when the authorities canteen meals are not paid, three dishes and one Soup, five dishes and one soup are not paid, many are dumped.”

“(Now) nominally out of money, he has a meal allowance, is backwards to compensate you.” He lamented that this is why many people take the civil service, “on the one hand, the work is stable, on the other hand, good treatment, although the salary is not very high, medium level, but its treatment and meal allowance, car allowance and other kinds of subsidies are very powerful, subsidies to be greater than wages, because nominally (wages) can not be given. Treatment is worlds apart. There are also pensions, provident funds, etc., in many different names.”

He said helplessly, “They engage in privileges, the people can only whine and mock online, there is nothing they can do about them, they have guns and cannons, we can’t beat them.”

Netizen; this is the Huangpu District Government canteen. shot on March 18 when vaccination, the canteen forgot to turn off the vegetable price display ….. , shocked at the price of eating for civil servants under current prices.


Leak state secrets? The rumor is that the person who broke the news was detained

Mr. Wang also disclosed, “(taking video) this person may be to go to the virus vaccination when shot, after put online many people forward, he was detained, said he leaked state secrets.”

“He saw that the meal was so cheap so he filmed it and sent it out on the Internet. (The authorities) found him and put him in jail.” He said, “The (government canteen’s) food is cheap, you should not arrest people, he was factual shooting.”

Mr. Wang said that now there is a network, there is no secret.

Public interest activist Dong Guangping also told the Epoch Times, “Seeing this price (so cheap), he was surprised to shoot it and put it online, causing a public outcry, and of course the Chinese Communist Party felt panic.”

“This kind of thing can only be meant internally, it can’t be said to the outside, to say it out is to break the law, is to incite subversion, the Communist Party is evil to such an extent.” He said, “You know I can’t say anything even if I’m not good, if I say it, I’m leaking the secret, the secret of the Communist Party is the truth to the outside world.”

Analysis: Communist Party relies on welfare to enlist officials

Shanghai government canteen food price subsidies are said to be the tip of the iceberg of the CCP’s financial support. China has a huge number of financial supporters (folk call them royal food eaters). The so-called financial support staff refers to the staff of party and government organs, various institutions, and the retired staff of party and government organs and institutions.

How many financial supporters are there in China? One figure provided by Chen Jian, vice president of the China Society for Economic System Reform, is that by the end of 2014, the actual number of financially dependent persons in China was well over 64 million. At this year’s CPPCC Session, Li Dongyu, a member of the CPPCC and vice chairman of the CPPCC in Shaanxi Province, cited a rare set of data on the “merger of small counties” proposal, saying that the ratio of financial supporters in one county was 1:5, with more than 6,000 financial supporters in a county with a resident population of 30,200.

According to Dong Guangping, “This is a characteristic of the rule of man in the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian system. The authoritarian system serves the regime entirely, and the regime relies on officials at all levels to sell their lives to it, so it provides them with welfare, and relies on welfare to enlist officials so that they will serve and sell their lives to the system, and the bigger the official, the more benefits. This phenomenon is inevitable in this system.”

“The CCP will not blatantly violate the service to the people to avoid the people’s opposition to it, so it provides all kinds of invisible benefits to officials,” he said, “the earliest is to eat in the street, playing a note to reimburse; later the so-called opposition to public funds to eat and drink, they run their own canteens, the food benefits raised to a very high, 8 dishes 1 soup etc., the price is very low, only a symbolic charge.”

He said, “the canteen is only a small part of it, but also other things for the benefit of these people.”

Previously, there were netizens out of the treatment of retired officials at the central level: 1, the purchase of housing subsidies according to the floor space standard 220 square meters; 2, with full-Time drivers and guards, with medical care; 3, four times a year domestic recuperation, each time three weeks, Family members are not limited; 4, first-class aircraft or business class two to four seats, soft sleeper train, with three cars or two coaches, the airport generally need to cooperate with the take-off time; 5, hotel senior suites, the Catering reimbursement; 6, medical specials all free of charge.

Dong Guangping said, “The whole CCP system is for the benefit of its officials, a few people.”

The financial support requires huge financial expenditure every year. Some scholars say that the CCP government spending is not only within the budget, but also outside the budget. No one knows exactly how much money the CCP government spends each year on administrative expenses for financial support, which is a “state secret”.