The glory is not in the mainland in 2020 more than 10,000 Internet cafes closed down

The former glory of Internet cafes on the mainland is gone, with data showing that a total of 12,888 Internet cafes closed down on the mainland last year.

On March 23, the mainland media “Workers’ Diary” reported that, according to the data from the Sky Eye Survey, in 2020, 3,638 Internet cafe-related enterprises on the mainland were suspended, 9,250 were written off, and 12,888 were closed down. As of February 2021, the total number of surviving businesses in the country was 124,818.

Old Jin, 51, has been operating an Internet cafe in Jinan, Shandong Province, for 16 years, but he said this year may be the last year to open an Internet cafe. According to Lao Jin, the store was expanded in the second year of opening the Internet cafe, renting a store of more than 200 square meters. When business was at its best, there were six Internet cafes of this size on the 600-meter-long street, and they were full at night and on holidays.

But today, Lao Jin said, he is the only one left on the street. In 2007, when the development was at its best, if someone had told him that one day his cafe would close, he would not have believed it.

For the number of Internet cafes at the moment, the industry analysis that the Epidemic has accelerated the decline of the Internet cafe industry, the cost of investment in Internet cafes increased, the payback period is getting longer and longer, it is impossible for consumers to digest this growth in investment is what led to the decline of Internet cafes.

Industry insiders said that when the popularity of Home computers was not high, Internet cafes were popular for a while, but the 80s and 90s, who were the main force of consumption, do not have a lot of Time to play games in Internet cafes now, and the 00s are diverted by cell phone games, plus with customer demand for computer configuration requirements are increasingly high, Internet cafes to invest in upgrading to Internet cafes, operating costs increased, including equipment costs, maintenance costs, labor costs have increased, consumers But do not buy, coupled with the emergence of some cities, “e-sports museum”, the Internet cafe industry is increasingly bad.