Xi Mingze information leakage case victim’s family: President Xi you were deceived

The second trial of 24 convicted members of “Vulgar Wiki” is imminent in the case of Xi Jinping‘s daughter Xi Mingze’s personal information leak. Their Parents wrote an open letter to Xi Jinping telling him that “you have been deceived, President Xi,” and that the police, in conjunction with the judiciary, had created an unjust case to deceive the central government.

After Xi Mingze’s personal information was leaked, 24 members of the “Vicious Wiki” were arrested and sentenced by the Maonan District Court in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, including 20-year-old computer genius Niu Tengyu, who was convicted as the “main culprit” and sentenced to 14 years and fined 130,000 RMB.

On March 22, the parents of the 24 young men sentenced to prison wrote an open letter to Xi Jinping, telling him that Xi had been deceived by local officials and that the information about him and his Family had not been removed, but had instead become more widely circulated.

The victims’ families called on Xi Jinping to mobilize a central inspection team to investigate Maoming City, Guangdong, to overcome the inertia of local public security agencies in maintaining stability, and to punish corrupt opportunists in the Guangdong political and legal system to clear the 24 victims’ names.

On March 22, the parents of the “Vicious Wiki” case sent an open letter to Xi Jinping, asking him to send a working group to Maoming to investigate the truth of the unjust case concocted by the public prosecutor and the law in Maoming. (From the parents of the victims)

The most severely persecuted is Niu Tengyu, and Niu’s mother said Xi, as a father, should understand the state of mind of the 24 parents of the victims, “Our children are so wronged, and this is not only about our children, but also about President Xi and his daughter, we are common victims.”

Niu’s mother believes that, as General Secretary of the Communist Party, he should also fulfill his promise of “rule of law in China.

In addition to being burned and photographed naked by the police, his mother also revealed that the police used sexually explicit language to insult and touch a naked Niu Tengyu, which was outrageous.

The lawyer for Niu Tengyu, Bao Longjun, told Radio Free Asia on March 22 that Qin Chenshou, another lawyer for Niu Tengyu, met with him for three consecutive days from March 20 to 22, but from the second day onwards, the Maoming First Detention Center refused to bring out the meeting transcript because they suspected the lawyer of disclosing the details of the meeting to foreign media.

Bao Longjun said that during Qin Chenshou’s meeting, Niu Tengyu stated the circumstances of the torture to extract confessions, mainly the involvement of two task forces in this case. Niu Tengyu provided clues including Time, place, specific people, and records of visits to the hospital.

A group photo in front of the Maoming Intermediate Court with Lawyer Quan Niu, Lawyer Lai Song and Lawyer Chen Shou. Niu Tengyu case, has allowed me and Wang Yu to read the file. However, the clerk Chen Ye still asked the lawyer Qin Chenshou to submit his defense opinion, and said that the case will not be heard in court. We believe that the case there is torture to extract confessions, and the first trial remote session without cross-examination procedures is a serious procedural violations, the second trial should be held. We also submitted a criminal complaint to the Central Court. pic.twitter.com/R4xblF9gK6

  • Bao Longjun (@baolongjun2015) March 22, 2021
    Bao Longjun, Wang Yu, Ren Quanniu, Ji Laisong, Qin Chenshou and other lawyers representing the “Vulgar Wiki” case went to the Guangdong Maoming Central Court on March 22 to meet with the second trial judge “Zhang Shuming” and read the case file, but they were unable to meet because Zhang Shuming was out of town for a meeting.

Later, Wang Yu, Bao Longjun and Qin Chenshou were allowed to read the files, but the court provided 49 of the 74 volumes in the catalog. The court secretary “Chen Ye” also asked them to submit their defense statements as soon as possible.

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The other lawyer for Niu Tengyu, Qin Chenshou, submitted a complaint to the court of second instance (Guangdong Maoming Intermediate Court) for extorting confessions under torture.

In the relevant file, Niu Tengyu has been complaining that he was subjected to severe torture to extract confessions during his stay at the Maoming Maopo Police Station and during his detention at 103 Zhuyan Garden in Foshan City. The child’s complaints are pathetic! We have also filed complaints on his behalf at all levels. pic.twitter.com/mtulNGgclt

  • Bao Longjun (@baolongjun2015) March 22, 2021
    According to a complaint tweeted by Baolongjun, the Maoming Public Security Bureau task force forced Niu Tengyu to confess under torture, causing nerve necrosis in his right hand and suspected permanent disability to his thumb and index finger.

However, the package Longjun said that the current state of mind of Niu Tengyu is okay, “one is that the child is very strong, and the second is that the recent detention center is also more care for him, because there is your foreign media to appeal.”

In 2019, Xi Mingze’s personal information was placed on the overseas website “Chinawiki”, which alerted the central government to order a strict investigation, but because “Chinawiki” is overseas. In order to claim credit, Guangdong’s Maoming Internet police arrested 24 members of the “Vulgar Wiki” website in China and sentenced them to prison.

Niu Tengyu’s heavy 14-year sentence caused a stir when it was exposed by overseas media. The Chinese Communist Party then put pressure on the parents and lawyers of the 24 teenagers, with five lawyers withdrawing from the case for Niu Tengyu alone.