The “black swan” descends! Electronic cigarette board plunged across the board, fog core technology market value fell off 94 billion

23 morning trading, A shares of electronic cigarette concept stocks opened generally plummeted, after the dealer of Yue carved AISD (002416.SZ) reported 9.17 yuan / share, the opening directly down. Billion lithium energy (300014.SZ) reported 69.93 yuan / share, down 15.56%.

On the same day, the Hong Kong stock tobacco sector part of the heavy fall, SiMore International (06969.HK) reported 50.4 Hong Kong dollars / shares, down 23.58%, China Bolton (03318.HK) reported 5.05 Hong Kong dollars / shares, down 20.72%.

And the day before, previously listed in the U.S. stock market value was once more than $45 billion of fog core technology closed plummeted, closing at $10.15 per share, the market value of $14.458 billion evaporated overnight, equivalent to more than 94 billion yuan.

On the news front, on the afternoon of March 22, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “Decision on Amending the Regulations on the Implementation of the Tobacco Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft for Comments)

The draft for comment, in the “People’s Republic of China Tobacco Monopoly Law Implementation Regulations” to add an article in the by-laws as Article 65: “Electronic cigarettes and other new tobacco products with reference to the relevant provisions of these regulations on cigarettes.”