Before divorce, the 29-year-old jumped to her death with her children

Yang Yan went crazy looking for her brother-in-law Du Mouhai, since her sister jumped with a son and a daughter, their Family seems to have disappeared.

She and her father, brother, etc. in the Du Mouhai two residence squatting for a few days, have not seen the shadow of a person, all the contact information is also lost. The sister’s body is still lying in the funeral Home, no brother-in-law’s signature can not be cremated, but also can not be buried.

At 6:00 a.m. on March 12, Yang Yan’s sister, Yang Mouyan, 29, jumped from the window of her 24th floor home with her 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son in a small area of the Shuangfeng Development Zone in Hefei City’s Changfeng County. Yang Mouyan and her daughter died on the spot, and her son died after being taken to the hospital for resuscitation.

The answer given by the police in the briefing released on the same day is: Yang Mouyan is due to family conflicts and marital discord, jumped to her death with her children. But for Yang Yan’s family, the mystery is not yet solved. What they want to know is, what happened that night? What was the last straw that crushed her sister?

The fall without warning

In addition to the last words issued before the fall, the departure of Yang Mouyan and a son and a daughter, almost without any warning.

Time rewind to four days before the accident, March 8, Women’s Day, Yang Mouyan and her husband Du Mouhai filed for divorce.

Because of the fear of children up after their own can not go away, Yang Mou Yan that day 5:30 on the bed. They first drove to her mother’s house to get the family register, Yang Mouyan has been married, but the family register has been with her Parents. The father asked him what to do with the account book, she said to go to divorce, parents did not object, said to let the man give a statement, “I took the account book and ran away”. The day of the chat with friends in the screenshot, Yang Mouyan said so.

The friend asked her if Dumouhai had retained, “no”. The Civil Affairs Bureau mediator “casually mediated a little”, Yang Mouyan rhetorically asked. “You are disliked by your in-laws all day long, you can’t go on”. The mediator said to Du Mouhai, you have to properly mediate, Du Mouhai said back “he is my old man, how do I say he”.

In order to divorce, Yang Mouyan promised not to “grab the child” with the man, and not to share the common property, the net out of the family. But the man asked her for child support, Yang Mouyan refused. “Five years of nothing,” she said to a friend.

Because there was a divorce cooling-off period, they only registered that day, and the staff told them to come back in a month.

After the registration, she went home and packed up her things to stay at her friend’s house. On March 11, after work, she went home to look for her daughter’s disability certificate (congenital hearing impairment) and birth certificate, because she wanted to fight for custody of her daughter again, and her lawyer told her she needed these documents.

She didn’t find the documents, her mother-in-law said Du Mouhai had put them away, she called Du Mouhai and he said his mother had put them away. The two sides are pushing back, and Yang Mouyan plans to wait at home for Du Mouhai to come back from work and ask for clarification. At 8:00 that night, Yang Mouyan and her mother through the WeChat video, stable emotions, with a smile on her face, next to the two children scrambling for the phone shouting “grandma, grandma”.

This is her last contact with her family.

The last words were sent at 6:01 a.m. on March 12, and Yang Mouyan sent it to Yang Yan’s husband. Yang Yan couple saw the last words when it was more than 7:00, she first called her sister, turned off the phone. Then she called her brother-in-law, Du Mouhai, but he hung up. Yang Yan called again, the phone was off. She panicked and hurriedly contacted her brother, then looked for him to rendezvous.

After the brother received Yang Yan’s call, he kept calling Du Mouhai, and the call went through after half an hour. In the phone, the brother asked his sister where Yang Mouyan, he stammered a sentence “in the second hospital” and hung up the phone.

There are two “second hospitals” in Hefei, one is the Hefei City Second Hospital, one is the Second Hospital of Anhui Province. Yang Yan first went to the city hospital, did not find, and then went to the provincial hospital.

On the way, she was thinking, “I don’t know what happened to my sister, but I’m sure it’s not a big problem if I’m in the hospital.

The nurse in the emergency room of the second hospital told her that a child was being resuscitated and the other two were not seen, jumping down from the 24th floor. Yang Yan heard the words “jumped down” and fell to the ground. She asked where her sister was, the nurse said she didn’t know, go ask the man.

Yang Yan continued to call Du Mouhai, but the phone was turned off. After a dozen calls, the phone came through and Du Mouhai said he was taking a statement and hung up.

After Yang Yan to find the police station to verify, the other party denied, and then call Du Mouhai phone, again is shut down. When the family finished making statements, Yang Yan was eating out when she brushed the shake, she saw the video of her sister’s accident scene. “11 o’clock before my sister is still in that downstairs, but he has not told us, but also lied to us to go to the hospital, so we did not see the last glimpse of my sister. “

What happened that night?

After what happened, Yang Yan family has been asking, “What happened that night? “They want to ask Du Mouhai in person, but he seems to have “disappeared “disappeared.

March 17, in front of the local Shuangfeng police station, the reporter met Yang Yan, as well as his father and brother, the three look tired, dark circles under the eyes. They want to go to the police to find out Du Mouhai, confront them face to face.

The police told them that it was a suicide, not a criminal case, and they had no right to take any measures against Du Mouhai, let alone help them find out what Du Mouhai was. In the afternoon, they found the police officer in charge of the case in Changfeng County.

The police told them that in the statement of Du Mouhai, the explanation for that night, just a simple sentence “mixed two words”. But Yang Yan’s family does not believe this explanation, “two words” could not have led to his sister jumped.

Yang Yan said they went to the community to pay their respects, the sister’s neighbors told them that they heard Yang Mouyan family quarrel at 2:00 am. So they firmly believe that there must have been something more serious and stimulating to Yang Mouyan that night.

But the police said that during their visit, they did not learn about these circumstances. Du Mouhai confessed that the couple had gone to bed after 8:00 that night. The police also judged that Yang Mouyan and Du Mouhai lived in the same bedroom that night. Because their home only two bedrooms, a living Yang Mouyan mother-in-law, and the sofa is full of piles of clothing, no traces of sleeping people.

The next day at 5:30, Du Mouhai set the alarm clock went off, but he did not get up. After the alarm went off for ten minutes, he got up to go to the toilet, and then saw Yang Mouyan in bed. Because he brought his cell phone, he stayed in the toilet for ten minutes and came out to find that Yang Mouyan was no longer in bed.

Because their family loves to eat wontons, Du Mouhai and his mother thought she had taken the children to eat wontons. He continued to lie on the bed to play with the phone, the process heard two “bang”, but Dumouhai did not care, thought it was something fell.

After ten minutes, he saw a video in the owners’ group. In the video, someone said, “this is who’s child how to fall down”, Du Mouhai look, like their own children, rushed downstairs, found his wife and two children lying on the ground .

This is the above-mentioned police according to the Du Mouhai confession to restore the passage, but Yang Mouyan father did not care to listen to these, he kept telling the police, to confront the Du Mouhai family. Because he has been convinced that that night, the Du Mouhai family must have done something to their daughter. The police also kept explaining that what caused Du Mouyan to jump was not just some move that night, but the family conflicts that had been piling up for a long time.

The police also said he got in touch with Du Mouhai’s father, the family is now staying together, not daring to meet with Yang Mouyan’s father them, because they are afraid of their hands.

The other side said that they hope the two families can entrust a third party to meet and communicate, or meet in the presence of the village committee or the judiciary. Yang Mouyan’s father did not accept, “unless they wear mourning to apologize to my daughter”.

The “iceberg” under the water

Before the incident, Yang Yan they do not know, sister Yang Mouyan and Du Mouhai and his in-laws contradiction is from when, and how to intensify.

Since the Marriage, Yang Mouyan told her parents always good news, never told the aggravation she suffered. After the incident, through Yang Mouyan’s last words and her friend’s narrative, a picture of a not-so-happy Life was pieced together a little.

In July 2016, after “reliable” relatives introduced Yang Mouyan and Du Mouhai, in the sixth month of their acquaintance married. Yang Yan called this a flash marriage, but said it is common in rural areas.

Du Mouhai is a window worker, and usually busy with work. In the eyes of Yang Yan’s family, he was a quiet man who did not talk much and did not like to communicate with others.

In her last words, Yang Mouyan remembered that the conflict first occurred when her daughter was a few months old. At that time, her daughter had a high fever from the night before, Yang Mouyan was home alone. She carried the child to the pharmacy downstairs to buy Medicine, because one person is not good at feeding medicine, she also let the pharmacy help. At that time she was looking forward to her husband’s return from work, the child peed on her twice, she could not change her clothes.

But when her husband came in and saw the confiscated dishes, the first thing he said was that he accused Yang Mouyan of making a mess of the house instead of caring for the children. This made Yang Mouyan very angry and she had a fight with him.

During the quarrel, the child began to high fever, the two rushed to take a taxi to take the child to the hospital. On the way back, Yang Mouyan mentioned the divorce, “is that you give me kneeling, I did not insist on it. Yang Mouyan wrote to her husband, “also from that day onwards, your father looked at things that do not look good began to accuse me, you never keep silent, my requirements are very low, do not talk about bias to help me, just say a fair word, you have not said “.

Yang Mouyan also mentioned that just after the birth of her daughter in the month, she had asked Du Mouhai to wash her daughter’s buttocks, Du Mouhai refused, saying that he is a man, his daughter is a woman, it is not convenient to wash.

Although not said at the time, but Yang Mouyan on a person with children this matter revealed complaints. When she was pregnant with her son, she thought about aborting, but finally gave birth. The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

After the birth of her son, Yang Mouyan was alone with two children. Because of the children, Yang Mouyan did not work, but also lost the economic resources. Yang Mouyan friend Liu Jing told reporters that Du Mouhai is particularly harsh on Yang Mouyan, basically do not give her money to spend. She remembered that once Yang Mouyan riding an electric car hit someone else’s car, to pay people 500 yuan. Yang Mouyan called Du Mouhai first, “he did not give money at that time, but also Yang Mouyan gave a scolding.

In the end, Yang Mouyan looked for her to borrow 500 yuan, to pay someone else.

Liu Jing said that Yang Mouyan would often look for her to borrow money. In the transfer and red packet records provided by Liu Jing, there are several screenshots of 10 yuan. Liu Jing said, this is also Yang Mou Yan to find her borrowed, “she took the children outside to play, the children look at others to eat gluttony, (but) she did not have money, so let me transfer to her”.

Yang Mouyan’s brother told reporters that his sister because two children can not bring over, sometimes use the phone to coax his daughter, the phone was broken by the child several, each time he bought a new one to his sister to send over.

Not only this. Yang Mouyan daughter was born with congenital hearing impairment, in order to prevent her daughter from being discriminated against, Yang Mouyan took her daughter to do various treatments and rehabilitation. But Du Mouhai and in-laws said they had no money, Yang Mouyan borrowed nearly 50,000 yuan from her mother.

Later, Yang Mouyan turned her husband’s phone when he found that he had nearly 180,000 more deposits, “a 100,000, a 30,000, a 40,000, a 5,000, a 7,000. “

Yang Mouyan often told Liu Jing about the unhappiness in the family, through Yang Mouyan a few years of confessions, Liu Jing made a “portrait” of Du Mouhai: Du Mouhai is a The “mama’s boy”, what all listen to his parents and his brother. Once the father-in-law said Yang Mouyan’s daughter is “wussy (stupid)”, she told Du Mouhai, but he only asked a question The first time my father-in-law said that Yang Mouyan’s daughter was a “coward”, she told Du Mouhai, but he only asked, “When did you say that?

Yang Mouyan also told Liu Jing, last year because her mother-in-law always said she was bad, she quarreled with Du Mouhai, Du Mouhai hit her. Liu Jing said, Du Mouhai love to drink, “every night seems to drink”.

On February 18, 2020, Yang Mouyan also told another friend Yang Qiong about her experience of being beaten by Du Mouhai, “dropped my glasses, hit me (with) wounds on the hand, pinch my neck, neck pinch swallowing pain. “Yang Qiong told her that she could not tolerate domestic violence, hit the habit of hitting you every time. Yang Mouyan told her that originally “this year to speak of divorce, his mother took the child I did not hard to engage.

But finally Yang Mouyan made up her mind to divorce is also mother-in-law.

The video shows her mother-in-law holding her grandson in a place similar to a nursery, and the parents holding the child around her complaining that Yang Mouyan is usually too sloppy and does not know how to clean the house. After seeing this video, Yang Mouyan made up her mind to divorce. Yang Yan later learned that the video was present at the time of a mother-in-law who knew Yang Mouyan, could not see past the words and actions of Yang Mouyan’s mother-in-law, and secretly shot it and sent it to Yang Mouyan.

March 8, she went with Du Mouhai to the Civil Affairs Bureau after filing a divorce petition, she told Liu Jing, Liu Jing said, “Today is Goddess Day, you go to divorce, which is also to give yourself the best gift, relief “.

“The best place to go.”

In her last words, Yang Mouyan has a sentence that seems to explain her so tragic choice: “Sister wants to leave the house, but can not leave the children, so choose this path! This is the best place for my sister to go. “

Yang Yan’s family does not agree with her sister that “this is the best place for my sister to go”.

Yang Yan told reporters that Yang Mouyan proposed a net out of the family, parents promised to give her a set of demolition of the house, and efforts to help her fight for the custody of her daughter. The future days, she can live with her daughter, everything can start again.

But at the beginning of the road to get custody of her daughter, Yang Mouyan ended her life and the lives of her children. Although there will never be a shortage of “why did you take the innocent child with you? The question will never be answered.

On March 18, Yang Mouyan’s “first seven days”, Yang Yan and her father and brother chartered a cab from home to pay their respects downstairs in the community where the incident occurred. Compared to the previous days, there was no crowd of onlookers, only a few grandmothers ready to go to kindergarten to pick up their grandchildren, watching from afar, whispering “this girl is too poor “.

Time passed a week, many people have been reluctant to talk about this incident.

The reporter came to the supermarket where Yang Mouyan had been working, a clerk who knew her said she was a good girl. Then, a man came out of the warehouse and reminded the clerk to “say nothing”.

50 meters northeast of the supermarket, is a kindergarten, near the end of the school day, the door gathered a large group of parents, they are waiting for their children rushed out of school. And Yang Mouyan took her two children and went to another world.

(Liu Jing and Yang Qiong are pseudonyms in the article)