hiding one’s laurels and reputation

Today is the “I didn’t expect these sentences to come from here” series.

I’ve compiled a bunch of them, and really, I’m surprised by some of them.

  1. I don’t even believe the punctuation marks in what they say.

–Yu Hua, “The Seventh Day

  1. Frozen three feet, not a day of cold.

–Golden Bottle Plum

From the ninety-second round.

“It is the ice is three feet thick, not a day’s cold.”

  1. The girl who loves to smile, the luck is not too bad.

— Gu Long

That’s right, Gu Long. In addition, the following lines are also from Gu Long’s novels.

People in the jungle, the body can not help themselves.

The most dangerous place, is the safest place.

Know the difference between drinking and drinking water? The more you drink the warmer the wine, the colder the water.

  1. There is no hate without a reason in the world, and no love without a reason.

— Hegel

  1. I am such a Han.


From the Yongzheng emperor zheng: “I am such a man! This is the nature! Is this emperor! If you and other ministers do not fail me, I will not fail you again. Encourage it! “

  1. not to marry for the purpose of love, are hooligans.

— Shakespeare

This quote is not from Shakespeare’s book, but from Shakespeare’s words.

The original sentence is: “All for the purpose not to marry out of love is where bullying “.

  1. Deeply hidden merit and fame

— Li Bai

From “Chivalry”.

Ten steps kill one person, a thousand miles do not leave a line.

After the matter is brushed off, deeply hidden body and name.

  1. Every day that does not dance is a disappointment to Life.


From the twenty-third verse of the chapter “Old and New Lists” in “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”.

  1. And walk and cherish.

–Lin Yutang

Lin Yutang says in “Life is but this”.

Life is but this, and let’s walk and cherish it. You are always your own protagonist, don’t always play a supporting role in someone else’s drama.

  1. I am fortunate to get what I want, but I am destined to lose what I want.

— Xu Zhimo

In 1922, Xu Zhimo returned from his studies in Cambridge, England, and published a one-by-one notice of divorce. At that Time, Xu Zhimo wrote this paragraph.

“I will search for my only soul mate in a sea of people. If I get it, I am lucky; if I don’t, I am destined. “

  1. There must be a time in life, and there is no time in life to seek.

–The Golden Lotus

“Wealth and fortune come from blessing, and fame and fortune from worry.

The fate of the time must be there, the fate of the time not to be forced. “

Yes you read it right, is the “Golden Lotus” ……

  1. pulling out the dick without emotion

–Mo Yan

From “Sandalwood Torture”: “My father-in-law, Jiang Bing, was arrested by the county magistrate, Qian Ding, a merciless dog. That night, I had something on my mind and couldn’t sleep, so I tossed and turned on the bed and cooked a big pancake. “

  1. drunk before you know how strong the wine is, love before you know how important.

–Hu Shih

The original poem is “Dreams and Poems”.

Only after getting drunk do I know how strong the wine is

Only after love does one know how important it is

You can’t be my poem

Just as I can’t be your dream

I always thought that people grow old slowly, but in fact, no, I grew old in an instant.

–Haruki Murakami, “Dance! Dance! Dance!

And this sentence.

I don’t like being alone, but I don’t like being disappointed. –Norwegian Wood

  1. The spring water is first born, the spring forest is first blooming; the spring breeze is not as good as you.

— Feng Tang

In addition to this line is very hot, his “Feng Tang Poems 100” also has a number of widely circulated verses. For example.

All the grass and trees in the world are beautiful / People are not / Chinese Medicine is very bitter / You are also

We once went up the mountain together / You said you’d go first / I stayed to deal with the demons

Look at you like this / With all eyes and all distance / Like the wind lives / The wind rises again

The courtyard with trees in the backwater / The jade with work in the summer generation / The clouds at this moment / You in your twenties

Feng Tang says he is the first in poetry, second in fiction, and third in essays.

Inside Feng-Tang’s Hundred Poems does also contribute a number of poems that have been widely circulated, scattered and naughty, which can be read.