Joe Secretary of State Laffensperger Not Nominated for Delegate in His Own District

Joe Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) is out of the Fulton County Republican caucuses on Saturday after overseeing the 2020 presidential election and repeatedly rejecting calls from voters to review credible allegations about his campaign, the National Archives reported Saturday.

“At the Fulton County Republican Caucus this morning, Laffensperger was denied election as a delegate in his own district, and Laffensperger failed to even secure the delegate nomination,” a source told the National Archives.

One attendee said, “We sent a message that will be heard across the state that Laffensperger has to go.” A source explained to the National Archives, “The defeat of Raffensperger is shocking given the royal treatment that Republican elected officials tend to receive whenever they become delegates.”

Raffensperger did not even attend the caucus, but instead “sent a note asking to be a delegate,” yet “no one nominated him.”

The National Record’s source explained that “the caucus had a very high turnout, with 60-70% of the participants being first-Time attendees.”

Brant Frost, vice chairman of the Joe State Republican Party, told The National Record, “I voted for Laffensperger in 2018, but he let us all down. Today, we are sending a message that will be heard across the Joe State and across America. I sincerely hope that Laffensperger does not seek re-election as Secretary of State.”

Veteran Tea Party activist and Atlanta Tea Party founder Debbie Dooley told the National Archives, “Laffensperger did not attend the mass meeting because he knew he would be despised and unpopular with Republican activists.”

She added, “My advice to him is not to attend the Republican convention in Fulton County because there will be resolutions at Republican conventions across the state condemning him and calling on him to resign and not seek re-election.”

Several Joe Staters are expected to challenge Laffensperger for the Secretary of State seat. Former Alpharetta Mayor David Belle, who ran against Laffensperger for secretary of state but lost in the primary, has now announced his candidacy, and Joe State Assemblyman Jody Hice is also believed to be planning to run for secretary of state.

As the National Archives revealed last December, Laffensperger has broad support from the Chinese-American community in Joe, and a video recorded in 2015 showed Laffensperger begging for 100 votes from the Chinese-American community in the then upcoming Georgia House race, which he went on to win by 159 votes. The Chinese-American website “Atlanta 168” later touted the victory.

The National Archives also confirmed that Raffensperger’s office leaked phone calls between Raffensperger and President Trump through Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs, and that Fuchs may have broken a bipartisan Florida law by recording the calls while visiting his grandparents’ Home.