Centenarians longevity survey results refresh your three views

“You have to exercise regularly and have a good diet or your Life expectancy will be shortened. “

This is probably the deepest misconception we have about longevity.

Don’t misunderstand – exercise is not important.

Don’t misunderstand – eating habits don’t matter.

The vast majority of people, past and present, do not exercise regularly.

Previously, at the publication symposium “Celebrating 100 years old – the long-lived elderly in Jiangsu” held in Nanjing, a freshly released ” Jiangsu Province centenarian survey report”.

The report explores the reasons for the longevity of centenarians and their lifestyles.

For example, modern health care proposes that eating vegetarian Food for longevity and eating pickles for cancer can not apply to these centenarians.

The conclusion may not be entirely scientific, but it is a great reference for the public’s pursuit of health today.


Longevity profile

Nantong centenarians account for more than 1/4 of the province, the higher the age of men, the more they can not survive the women.

This “survey report of centenarians in Jiangsu Province ” systematic questionnaire survey and analysis of the personal background and basic condition, lifestyle and Family structure of the elderly over 100 years old in the province reveals the survival status of the centenarians in Jiangsu Province, which is the first Time in Jiangsu Province.

1、From a geographical point of view: Nantong has the most centenarians

According to the results of the sixth national census, by the end of 2010, there were 2,153 elderly people over 100 years old in Jiangsu, which was the highest in the country.

Jiangsu surveyed 2095 centenarians, and from the geographical distribution, Nantong has 527 centenarians, accounting for more than 1/4 of the total number of centenarians in the province.

2, from the viewpoint of the genus: the most centenarians belong to the dog, followed by the chicken

In terms of age and genus, among the 2095 centenarians, the oldest is 111 years old, of which those aged 105 and above account for 9.5% of the total number of centenarians.

Among them, the most dogs, followed by chickens, followed by monkeys, sheep, horses and so on.

The reporter learned that the survey was conducted in 2010, from the birth years and the correspondence of the genus, backward 100 years after the birth of the dog in 1910, the youngest, according to common sense centenarians should also be the most.

Folk birth of children pay attention to the great genera, such as dragon, tiger, horse, pig, snake, etc., but from the survey, at least the year of birth genus relative longevity does not have much impact.

3, from the gender point of view: male centenarians account for only 1/4 of the female

From the gender point of view, in 2095 centenarians, only 424 male life expectancy, accounting for only about 1/4 of the female life expectancy.

This is consistent with the normal life expectancy trend for both genders, but further reflects that the mortality rate for men is increasingly higher than that for women as they age, and is more pronounced at the age of 100 years or older.

From the survey, it appears that the nine life expectancy cases over 110 years of age are all female; the highest male life expectancy is 109 years, while there are 12 female life expectancy cases at 109 years of age.


Reasons for longevity

“Think big ” is important. Human longevity is influenced by basic factors such as economic, medical, social and natural environment, but it also has a great relationship with personal character, diet, activities, genetics and family.

The survey shows that Jiangsu centenarians are not as well off financially and physically as the average person, but their life satisfaction and happiness are higher than the average person.

When asked about “being able to think ahead no matter what things happen When asked, about 2/3 of the centenarians gave a very positive answer, and only 5.8% of them answered that they could not think about it.

In addition, most centenarians are particularly confident, “they have their own say “, but are not stubborn and are good at listening to their family members’ opinions, indicating that they have a very tolerant attitude towards life.

In addition, life is exercise and life is less exercise are different experiences of wellness.

From the survey, the vast majority of centenarians in Jiangsu, whether in the past or at present, do not exercise regularly, which seems to run counter to the current feverish morning or evening exercises for retirees.

1、Most of the seniors of the old life expectancy live long

Usually people will find that which family has a 100-year-old longevity star, which family’s people also mostly live long lives, and this survey proves this point.

Centenarians whose mothers live longer than 80 years account for more than 65%, and fathers who live longer than 80 years account for more than 70%.

Grandparents aged over 90 accounted for 16.1%, grandparents aged over 90 accounted for 13.8%, all higher than the normal population, indicating that longevity has a certain relationship with the age of the older generation.

It is also found that family members outside the blood relations of the centenarians, even adopted children, also have higher life expectancy.

It is still a mystery what other factors there are besides family Culture, living habits and getting along atmosphere.

2、The oldest in the family tends to live the longest

From the survey, centenarians who are only children account for 2.7 percent, and nearly 80 percent have two to five siblings.

“This set of data only makes sense when compared with the distribution of the number of siblings in their generation. “

In a subsistence society, it is difficult to have a good life security with many siblings. Although the life security of only children is relatively a little better, the growth environment of the family is not competitive, and the growth environment with many siblings is more complicated.

However, in general, in the 100-year-old life expectancy, even excluding only children, the oldest in the family is the most long-lived, followed by the second oldest in the family, and again the third oldest in the family.


Dietary secret

Ninety percent of the oldest old people like to eat soy products like to drink plain water and eat pickled vegetables and meat dishes.

In the centenarians of all the longevity “code “, diet is one of the most concerned elements.

Examining the recipes of Jiangsu centenarians, they “eat out of the longevity There are still traces of this.

Diet is directly related to health, the modern concept of health care that you should refuse to smoke and alcohol; eat more vegetarian and less meat and pickled food, because pickles are more likely to cause cancer.

Also encourage more tea in general, that drinking tea is more beneficial to health and wellness than drinking plain water.

The staple food of centenarians in Jiangsu is mixed grains, rice and flour, and nearly 80% of the centenarians can eat 4-7 taels of staple food every day.

As for fruits, less than 1/4 of the centenarians eat them every day, sometimes nearly half of them eat them, and nearly 1/4 of them rarely eat them, which shows that fruits do not have much influence on longevity.

Regarding vegetables, 85% of centenarians eat two or three kinds of vegetables every day, but most of them often eat meat, fish, eggs and pickles, and more than 90% often eat soy products.

From the survey, more than 70% of the centenarians like to drink water, and most of them have the habit of getting up in the morning to drink water.

And nearly 90% of the elderly often drink plain water, only about 1/8 of the elderly usually drink tea.

1, most love to drink porridge, especially love congee oil

The survey shows that most of the diet of Jiangsu centenarians every day a dry two thin, and the preference for drinking porridge.

“And not only drink white porridge, mixed grain porridge, vegetable porridge, eight porridge, but also change the way to drink porridge. “

Like the 100-year-old birthday star Wang Pencheng in Hailing District, Taizhou, eat a very complex porridge, in addition to chopped vegetables, but also added to the rib Soup, fish soup, chicken soup cooked together to eat.

Sometimes carrots and yams are also added to the congee.

What is worth mentioning is that the centenarians not only love to drink congee, but also are interested in the congee oil that has been boiled to a certain level.

It is believed that congee oil is the essence of rice soup and is rich in nutrients, which is also in line with the view of Chinese Medicine.

It is believed that congee oil has the effect of nourishing the middle, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and the ability to nourish the vital energy is as strong as ginseng soup.

2、Eat more river and sea food and same-day dishes

Jiangsu centenarians basically take ingredients locally, and from the survey, there are not a few who eat river, sea and river food.

Whether Hongze County Laozi Mountain town of centenarians Lin Jinhua, or Nanjing Jiangning centenarians Lin Qiyou, especially love to eat fish and shrimp, but also often add cabbage, tofu together, has eaten most of his life.

People often say “eat vegetables to eat fresh “, regardless of the river, sea and river three fresh or vegetables, from the habits of the centenarians is not difficult to see, so there is a reason.

Taizhou Hailing, Rugao, Taicang and other places of the birthday girl all like to eat vegetables grown in their own land.

Meat to be slaughtered on the same day, vegetables to be picked on the same day, fish to be cut on the spot, melons and fruits to be picked on the same day, tofu and dried tea to be made on the same day.

These eating habits of the birthday girl, inadvertently allude to the law of nutrition preservation of ingredients, the fresher the richer the nutrition. It seems that the “overnight vegetables “It is best not to eat.

3, the main food coarse grains, often eat cold dishes

Investigators found that although the standard of living has gradually improved, but the centenarians still maintain a light diet.

The main food are corn, potatoes, yams, taro, soybeans, peanuts and other coarse grains, fine grains are their own processed flour and rice.

This is in line with the cereal-based dietary pattern advocated by modern nutrition.

The centenarians in Jiangsu also have good teeth and especially like to eat cold vegetables, such as radish tassels, garlic, cucumber, asparagus, leek yellow and other vegetables. They often eat them cold.

This retains just the right amount of freshness and nutrition of the vegetables, especially the various enzymes.

When eaten raw, the enzyme activity is preserved, which can better promote the absorption of the body, while driving away toxic substances in the body.

4, tofu and cabbage always have onion, ginger and garlic

“Fish produce fire, meat produce phlegm, cabbage and tofu to ensure peace “, this folk health proverb has an extremely obvious display in Jiangsu’s 100-year-old longevity.

The survey shows that the older they get, the more cabbage the birthday celebrities eat, and cabbage has a unique effect on the elderly to nourish the stomach, benefit the intestines, lower fat and prevent cancer, which is exactly what the elderly need.

Nowadays, many young people do not love onion, ginger, garlic and radish, but these longevity people can not live without them almost every day.

In addition to making condiments, sometimes as a next meal.

Drinking ginger tea, containing ginger slices, washing feet with ginger water is still a health experience in Rugao, the hometown of longevity.

“Onion ginger garlic these condiments, in addition to taste, but also disinfection, sterilization, analgesia, stomach, blood pressure and many other effects. “

I believe this survey report of the centenarians has refreshed your three views!

From now on, we ginger garlic tofu mixed food to eat up!