What behaviors are a waste of time?

The most waste of Time is of course “social”.

A meal, two hours, three glasses of wine, blowing a carload of bull, listening to a dozen dirty paragraphs, making hundreds of eyes at beautiful women …… is a waste.

Brush microblogging, look at other people’s grievances and paragraphs, grab a sofa, turn a few god picture …… is a waste.

Shake WeChat, shake to and fro are that a few face, pick up drift bottle can pick up moaning, group inside the red packet, a nest and grab a piece of a few cents a few points and then hahahaha laugh …… is a waste.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. It is also a waste of money.

On the Zhihu, write an answer to @ seven or eight people, patronizing, close, pulling the Family …… is a waste. It is even more wasteful to pinch together difficult to understand.

Think about it, most of us have a lifetime, usually a spiritual partner, two or three friends who know their roots. The Internet, however, allows us to theoretically talk to anyone, and countless people socially, tempting us to devote our effective lives to infinite “brush social” activities, to put up a kind of “the world I can cross all” stance. However, I really doubt that I can really enter his world at the other end of the network? The network of laughing, brotherhood, hookups, is not just an illusion? How many of us “socialize”, just to relieve the loneliness soaked through the marrow? Or just for a little vanity in the fog? Or just to enter his body rather than his heart?

The reason for writing so many discordant words is perhaps simply because I am a socially inept person. Especially in Zhihu, I think it should be a purely “intellectual exchange” place, not a social field. As Prince Ma said, we all come to Zhihu to seek knowledge, and all those who say “Xiangrui Royal Free” are blacked out. Once a beautiful woman on Zhihu invited me into a qq group of Zhihu cattle, I put off half a day, I said I do not want to communicate with all the cattle, make friends, I just have more important things to do, I have many many books to read, I’m afraid it’s too late ……

I’m not a member of any small circle in Zhihu, and I only have a few less frequent private messages with a few particularly attractive friends. I am particularly eager to communicate, but this communication is not social, but the circulation and convergence of ideas.

There is a particularly absurd word in this era called “killing time”, which reflects the hollowness of many of our lives. This sense of emptiness forces us to keep sweeping dramas, playing games and socializing online, but the more you fill it, the bigger it becomes.

I saw a mountain of random answers on Zhihu and understood that Zhihu is just another hole for many people.

So, what behavior is a waste of time? This is a question that is too good to answer. And only when you ask yourself, “How can I feel too late?” Then maybe your “time” really starts.

And for me, my “too late” is to gain insight and understanding of this ghostly world.