Fujian Guanyin Mountain tour helicopter crashed into the sea 3 dead and 1 missing

Helicopter crashes into the sea near Xiamen Guanyin Mountain, 3 dead and 1 missing (Photo source: video screenshot)

On the afternoon of March 19, a helicopter crashed into the sea near Guanyin Mountain in Xiamen, Fujian, killing four people on board and leaving one missing. According to the Civil Aviation Administration of East China, the aircraft involved is a tour helicopter, the accident was carrying out excursion tasks, the official has not yet informed the cause of the accident.

According to the online video, the helicopter model is suspected to be B-7720, the fuselage is printed with the words “air view Golden Gate”. At that Time, the helicopter head down, quickly fell into the sea offshore, smashing huge waves. It was reported that the air visibility in the sea was low, and the sea surface appeared obvious gray fog.

The upstream news reporter compared the suspected wrecked aircraft model, and the Xiajin Bay sightseeing tour aircraft model consistent. The reporter then called the Xijinwan Helicopter Tourism Center to verify whether the crashed plane was owned by the company, the customer service staff said they could not answer and then hung up the phone.

The report said that three people on board have been found, but there were no vital signs when they were found, and the whereabouts of one person are unknown.