Shenzhen recovered 51.8 million yuan of bank loans flowing into the property market ahead of schedule

A few days ago, Shenzhen regulators in the process of investigating the inflow of business loans into the property market, early recovery of 51.8 million yuan of loans, punishment of four non-compliant institutions, punishment of 14 people responsible for violations, the total amount of punishment of 5.75 million yuan.

The land media “Times” reported on March 19, a senior real estate agent in Shenzhen revealed that recently, banks in Shenzhen are rectifying business loans, a bank requires account managers to fill out a guarantee certificate when handling business loans to ensure that borrowers borrow business loans are used for business. If the borrower will use the funds to purchase a house, the account manager will be investigated and punished.

The real estate agent said, “Recently in helping customers to do a loan, the bank’s account managers are very cautious, prefer not to do, rather than risk. A number of commercial banks have punished account managers for granting loans in violation of the law.”

A few days ago, Shenzhen regulators announced that the bank withdrew 21, 51.8 million suspected of flowing into the property market business loans in advance, four financial institutions were subject to regulatory penalties, penalties accountability violations responsible for 14 people, the total penalty amount of 5.75 million yuan.

On March 18, a number of Home buyers said that during the sincere registration of the net red plate Hongfa Wangyeye Mountain, they were unable to register due to “too many credit inquiries”, “insufficient proof of assets”, “mismatch between social security and income”. “no trace of flowing water” and other problems can not pass the audit, must re-submit the information. Due to system congestion, the developer extended the registration Time, which was scheduled to end at 18:00 on March 18, to 24:00 on the same day, less than three hours before the end of the audit, the news that the audit did not pass was still coming out from the home buying group.

One home buyer said that when submitting the audit information, the system asked to fix the information because he had just applied for a business loan in March and could not prove whether it was used for the first home purchase payment. Another home buyer said that the system showed a large gap between his income and social security details, and could not verify the authenticity of his monthly income, so he needed to add proof of tax completion and bank income streams from the company he joined to date.

In addition, there are also home purchase contracts that require modification of information because the source of down payment cannot be proved, the external guarantee is too high, and the flowing borrowing record is suspected to be private lending.

In addition to Hongfa Wangyue Mountain, there have been a number of cases in Shenzhen this year in which the developers have rejected them due to down payment problems.

On March 18, Shenzhen real estate agent Zhang Ting (a pseudonym) said that recently a customer in the “new” by the developer to verify the source of income, the company issued a bonus of 50,000 yuan are considered suspicious violations, requiring customers to return the money; a customer borrowed money to a friend, the purchase of a house when the friend back to the funds, but also by the developer that The source of funds could not be proved, requiring the return of the money.

Zhang Ting said, “The granularity of this round of audit is very fine, requiring income and social security to match.”

Some developers require social security payment records and salary payment dates to be close to each other during the audit, and the time requirement for down payment to be in place is increased, such as the source of funds is six months ago with frequent transaction records is easier to pass; if there is a transfer of large amount of funds close to the purchase date, it will be identified as a proxy or leveraged borrowing.

Li Yujia, chief researcher of Guangdong Housing Policy Research Center, said that the areas where the house prices are rising too fast are the areas where leveraged investment is prominent, and some hotspot areas may cool down after the strict investigation of business loans.

He believes that some of the home buyers who entered the market with high leverage in the early stage may be forced to sell, or even sell at a reduced price, due to the inability to cash in on their profits, the pressure of monthly payments and tight capital chain.