“Improving” Hong Kong’s electoral system: There’s no turning back for the Communist Party of China

The National People’s Congress (NPC) has finally put on the table the idea of “improving” Hong Kong‘s electoral system, which it has been touting in advance. This big dragon and phoenix is the inevitable development of the times, for the Chinese Communist Party and for the people of Hong Kong.

It is a political reality that the Chinese Communist Party, with millions of troops as its backing and the People’s Congress as its tool, is forcing laws and regulations that go against its own promises, and that the people of Hong Kong cannot resist.

The price to be paid by the CCP for making such a decision against the trend of history and the wishes of the people is said to have been fully estimated, and anyone with a little common sense will understand that the price includes at least three major aspects.

Never being able to reconcile with the people of Hong Kong

First, the Chinese Communist Party will never be able to reconcile with the people of Hong Kong. The CCP’s barbaric nature and its deceitfulness have been completely exposed after this battle. No matter how many pretty words the CCP says, no matter how many small favors it uses to bribe, Hong Kong people will never accept the goods. More than 60% of Hong Kong people (most of them are young people) have since stood against the CCP, becoming the CCP’s biggest hidden worry.

If Hong Kong people are not bought off, they will always be a hidden source of unrest. Once the CCP faces internal and external pressure and internal instability, Hong Kong will be the first to suffer. The fire of rebellion is running in the ground. For generations, Hong Kong people will claim the good Life they were deprived of from the Chinese Communist Party.

The second nightmare of the Chinese Communist Party is that there will be no more “one country, two systems” song. The political reality of Hong Kong is the strongest negative example for Taiwan. The black police, bad laws and fake elections have shown the Taiwanese the hypocritical nature of “one country, two systems”.

Hong Kong and Taiwan are interdependent, and the 20 million or so Taiwanese feel the same way about Hong Kong’s fate. Even Ma Ying-jeou, who is the closest to the Chinese Communist Party, lamented the death of “one country, two systems” and the end of the road to peaceful reunification.

The third nightmare is that the Chinese Communist Party has become a target in the international arena. Biden runs the international Anti-Communist alliance, and the European Union was originally “not a whisper, not a hang”, but the Chinese Communist Party is afraid that the EU will not join the team, using the national security law and fake elections to wake up the EU. Recently, the seven major industrial countries and the EU have issued strong statements on the Hong Kong issue, so the rift between the U.S. and Europe can be mostly repaired.

From now on, Western democracies will abandon their minimal illusions about the Chinese Communist Party, and the US and Europe will have a common long-term response for the survival of universal values. Diplomatic isolation, military siege, and high-tech blockade will all deal an extremely far-reaching and heavy blow to the CCP.

It is the inevitable development of history that the CCP has come to this point. From Deng Xiaoping’s bide of Time, through Jiang Zhu’s and Hu Wen’s dynasties, Xi Jinping‘s “four self-confidence” in power was created. Unfortunately, the confidence did not bring reconciliation and integration with the world, but the ambition to go back to the old path of dictatorship and conquer the world. When the anti-Article 23 march took place during Lao Dong’s administration, Wen Jiabao personally went to Shenzhen to observe it and immediately made concessions, not only shelving Article 23, but also lending Lao Dong’s head to calm the discontent of Hong Kong people. At that time, the Chinese Communist Party had not yet fledged and had to retreat in order to advance.

The Western world’s siege has taken shape

The company’s main goal is to make sure that the company’s money comes from the people. Xi Jinping, who is a second-generation “government official” and has a strong ambition to be the first, thought the situation was under control and did not hesitate to lay a heavy hand on Hong Kong. With the backing of the country’s strength and the arrogance of the second generation, this is the inevitable reason for the doom and gloom of Hong Kong today.

The CCP has a sober judgment of the dire consequences of trampling on Hong Kong, and because the world situation has evolved beyond the CCP’s ability to control. The United States was the first to wake up to the threat of Xi Jinping’s foreign expansion, followed by Britain, Japan, Australia and India, and now the European Union is also falling in line, and a massive siege of the CCP by the Western world has taken shape. If the Chinese Communist Party does not take action against Hong Kong, the end will be the same. In order to maintain the majesty of Xi Jinping and to prevent Hong Kong people’s resistance from spreading to the mainland, no matter how serious and unbearable the result is, it is only when it comes to the end that they will have to bear it.

Recently, Biden has been pulling together Japan, India and Australia for the “Four-Nation Security Talks”, the results of which have far-reaching implications, and the Western countries have come to the doorstep of the Chinese Communist Party, Taiwan is moving further and further away, and Hong Kong is in deep water.

No one can tell how long the Chinese Communist Party can dominate and how long Hong Kong people must endure the pain, but the time and the trend are not on the side of the Chinese Communist Party.