Internet goes viral: Video of Biden with reporters freaks people out with a piece of his head chopped off

The Gateway Pundit reports that a video broke on the Internet Tuesday night and Wednesday morning showing Biden talking to a reporter with his hand through the microphone and the hair on top of his head cut off.

According to the network’s explanation, the hair was cut off in a situation that occurs when using green screen keying technology, and the thinning part of the hair, just happened to be snapped off by the green screen option, so it just looked like Biden’s hair was gone.

Look! Biden’s hand went right through the microphone, an unusual camera trick that really caught people’s eyes.

The Gateway Pundit exclaimed how talented it was!

This is really bizarre. One user tweeted, “Was the microphone added later? Or was Biden in a green screen studio? Or maybe this Biden is a hologram? Something is definitely fishy about this video, as Biden’s hand is clearly moving in front of the microphone.