Yu man reported the police opened a game hall was sent to the psychiatric hospital four times

In 2009, Henan man Xu Tianshun reported that police officers were in partnership with social workers to open game halls, foot massage parlors and other special industries, and his ID card was inexplicably recorded on the public security intranet in 2010 as “hit-and-run psychopath”. During the two sessions this year, he was kidnapped and detained at his domicile by the authorities.

He and his father, Xu Ensheng, started petitioning for his rights because his ID card was recorded as a “neurological patient who had been involved in an accident”. Before the two sessions this year, Xu Tianshun, who was working as a delivery boy in Beijing, was kidnapped by the government of Laowu Town, Fu Wentao, the chief of the police station of Laowu Town, and Li Pengyun, the village chief, and brought back to the police station of Laowu Town overnight, and was then sent to a hotel for detention.

After the two sessions, Xu Tianshun although Home, but his home gate was installed by the town government two voice control, fully automatic 360 degree induction, no point of dead space. Xu Tianshun said, “those corrupt black and evil forces have the government as a veneer, to do the facade of the shield, although I feel fear, but for the future improvement of justice, I am willing to pay blood, even if it pays Life also righteous!”

Xu Tianshun was detained at the Friendship Express Hotel. (Interviewee provided)

Xu Tianshun sent a text message to the mayor of Luohe City, Li Junxin, telling him the reason for his abduction. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Four times mentally ill for petitioning for rights

Xu Tianshun said, “I am always uncomfortable with the lawless elements (police) and social partners to open game halls, foot massage parlors, etc. to earn unjust money, I reported them several times before and after 2009, moved some powerful people’s fortune, so they are in 2010 in the national public security network special in my ID card states” I only found out about this in 2015.”

After learning about this in 2015, Xu Tianshun began to sue Yang Lei and Zhang Guofeng of the Luohe City Tianqiao Public Security Bureau Case Investigation Brigade. He and his father Xu Ensheng petitioned Beijing, but were subjected to various controls by the local government and public security officials and had their cell phones positioned, and the authorities used various forms of coercion and obstruction to prevent them from going to Beijing.

In December 2017, Xu Ensheng went to the State Bureau of Letters and Visits in Beijing and around Zhongnanhai with petition materials to seek redress for his son’s grievances, and was sentenced to two years in prison for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” by the Laowu police station.

In 2018, when Xu Tianshun was in Beijing to reflect on his father’s illegal sentence, he was intercepted by the local town government and the Laowu police station and was administratively detained for 10 days for “disturbing the order of public places”, and then forcibly taken from the detention center to the Xinxiang Psychiatric Hospital for 10 days. In the hospital, he was tied to a bed, given sedative injections and fed anti-noise drugs.

On August 27 of the same year, during his appeal for his father, he was again sent to Luohe City Psychiatric Hospital for three months.

On February 28, 2019, before the CPC Plenary Session, he was again sent to Luohe City Psychiatric Hospital for 91 days, where he was later picked up for attempted suicide.

On June 3, 2019, Xu Tianshun was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Zhaoling District, Luohe City, bound to a hospital bed, force-fed medication, and overcharged and zapped without it ……

Xu Tianshun said, “I was put into the psychiatric hospital four times, all by the town government personnel Tian Jian, Laowu police station and our village branch secretary Li Panyun did. They concealed it from my Parents and signed by Li Pengyun impersonating my next of kin.”

In 2015, Xu Tianshun in Shenzhen riot squad work, due to outstanding performance, meritorious, was promoted by the team when the restructuring of the transfer, the team asked to mention the file review, the results found that public security online shows October 21, 2010 was recorded as “hit and run neurological patients,” the entry of people is Luohe City Tianqiao Branch Case Investigation Brigade Yang Lei and Zhang Guofeng.

Xu Tianshun returned home to Luohe City Laowu police station to solve the problem, Laowu police station people said December 31, 2012 he was at large, and ultimately due to insufficient evidence, the public prosecution on January 7, 2013 to withdraw the “hit-and-run neurologist” record, let him do ID cards.

The ID card was mailed to the Shenzhen Hualian squadron where Xu Tianshun works, but the record was not cancelled. The team leader asked him: “Young man, what have you done before, your public security there so harmful to you, or the same as before ah!” Subsequently, the team leaders helped him to do the separation procedures.

For this matter, Xu Tianshun again returned to his hometown, from the Public Security Bureau, Public Security Branch, the Bureau of Letters and Visits, the Provincial Bureau of Letters and Visits, the National People’s Congress, the People’s Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Public Security Detachment to the Law Commission and other relevant departments to run around. Finally, Tianqiao Branch Director Zhang Jianguo said that the elimination can not be eliminated. Let him go to have a full wisdom of the Zhumadian City Psychiatric Hospital check, if there is no more mental illness, to eliminate, but the test results came out, no development of mental illness, but the record still did not give elimination.

After a period of Time, Zhang Jianguo said again, “You need a psychiatric sign-off before you can.” He made four more trips to the Zhumadian Psychiatric Hospital, and the signing center personnel said to him, “Young man, what have you done? Really offend the public security.”

Signing center personnel also said: “We must have public prosecutors here in the process of having a judicial case, the public security department to do, if you personally come, is not going to get forensic identification. Clearly is kicking the ball, kicking you around, is perfunctory you!”

Xu Tianshun countless runs of public security departments, talking with the director Zhang Jianguo, and finally Officer Mu Junfeng and another officer took him to the Zhumadian Psychiatric Hospital to do the identification. However, the signed letter still did not get it, because there is no judicial case in existence.

Xu Tianshun is currently working as a delivery boy in Beijing and has not been to the petition-related departments in recent months. He also presented a certificate of employment and a certificate of no criminal behavior from the Laowu police station, but he was still considered unstable by the Luohe authorities during the two sessions to “maintain stability”.

A certificate from the Laowu police station. (Courtesy of the interviewee)