Hong Kong pushed the “Public Offices Ordinance” Hong Kong media: 59 members of Parliament may be disqualified

In order to further ensure that the so-called “patriots rule Hong Kong“, the Hong Kong government pushed the “Public Offices (Candidature and Offices) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2021” (referred to as “Public Offices Ordinance”) to complete the first and second readings in the Legislative Council on Wednesday (17). According to Hong Kong media, once the Bill is passed, as many as 59 pan-democratic district councilors may be disqualified.

According to Radio Free Asia, the first and second readings of the Public Offices Bill were held in the Legislative Council on Wednesday. On the same day, the pro-communist Hong Kong media “Hong Kong01.com” began to leak to the public that the bill would be passed soon, and that the Home Affairs Bureau had recently “gauged” the pro-establishment camp and had finalized the oath-taking method and procedures for DC members, and that the Secretary for Home Affairs Xu Yingwei, as Secretary for Home Affairs, will be responsible for more than 400 District Council members to monitor the oath of office, holding the “power of Life and death”, where it is ruled that the words and deeds do not meet the requirements of the Public Service Ordinance, will be disqualified (DQ).

The media further broke the news that the disqualified Cheng Tat-hong, Yuen Ka-wai, Leung Fong-wai and Sham Ao-fai in last year’s Legislative Council election, as well as the 19 District Council members who were involved in the Democratic Primary Election case earlier and have been prosecuted, will be regarded as “conduct inconsistent with the content of the oath”, and they are “very likely to “As many as 59 people have been included in the preliminary DQ list prepared by the Hong Kong government; DC members who have participated in the formation of the “Hong Kong Citizens’ Forum” are on the verge of being “DQ’d”, and how they will eventually be dealt with. The authorities are still studying how to deal with it, and no final decision has been made yet.

In an interview with Radio Free Asia on Wednesday, Leung Kwok-ho, the current member of the Islands District Council who was involved in the formation of the “Hong Kong Citizens’ Forum”, said that the democratic camp does not have a unified response to the introduction of the Public Offices Ordinance by the Hong Kong government. On the question of whether they should take the oath of office, the pro-democracy members have different views, maybe some will take the oath, some will not, and some will resign.

Leung Kwok Ho himself has decided to take the oath. He said that it would be enough if there was a little light in the darkness, and that he would try his best to finish his term so that he could continue to do whatever he could for Hong Kong. He said that he has a lot of work to do, and as long as he is willing to do it hard, I believe that some kaifongs will understand.

According to public information, the content of the draft Public Offices Bill, which was initially prepared as early as late February this year, expressly provides that all DC members must take an oath to uphold allegiance to the HKSAR Government and the Basic Law, and proposes that those who have been disqualified from the relevant public office by refusing or neglecting to take the oath, or by violating the oath or failing to meet the statutory requirements and conditions of the Ordinance, shall not stand for election as the Chief Executive, Legislative Council members and District Council members.